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Our Government Is A Joke! »

America awakes this morning to the realization that our federal government is collectively unwilling and/or unable to tend to the people’s business. Many in America might like to point fingers at one side of the aisle or the other. Many others would bemoan the general lack of real leadership in the most senior positions within [...]

A Political Thinker’s Shocking Complaints about Obama’s “Squandered Hope” »

In, David Daley interviews Thomas Frank, author of “What’s the Matter With Kansas” and “Pity the Billionaire.” Frank now calls President Obama’s leadership a “dramatic failure” that fell far short of his campaign rhetoric and blames his “conciliatory nature for a first term that looked like Bush’s third.” While Mr. Frank is not the [...]

Barclays Libor Scandal: How Big Will This Get? »

The real tragedy of the scandal is the apparent lack of ethics or self-restraint among the people involved. Following billions of dollars of trading losses at JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s out-of-control London unit, the latest installment of big-bank follies offers yet more proof that the industry shouldn’t be trusted to regulate itself. The earthquake that [...]

MF Global: “This Was a Massive Theft” »

Six months and counting. The lives of countless numbers of families and individuals are likely forever changed by what transpired at MF Global. Yet there remains no real accounting nor full retribution for the fiasco which unfolded within the walls of the firm that traced its roots to the late 1700s. Certainly we can expect [...]

Did Mary Schapiro Engage in a Fraud? »

Will we learn in 2012 if Mary Schapiro, current chair of the SEC, and other then senior executives at the Wall Street self-regulatory organization, FINRA, engaged in a fraud? The case addressing this question, Standard Chartered v FINRA, has been appealed to the highest court in our land. As such, one might think that most [...]

Is This What President Obama’s ‘Change’ Looks Like? »

 * Bumped Up * While driving my truck and listening to Bloomberg Radio, I almost gagged on my coffee. What caused my knee jerk reaction? Let me set the table as to what I heard, prompted my thinking, “You have got to be kidding me,” and why I feel compelled to write this commentary today. [...]

The Numbers Just Don’t Add Up »

Or rather, they continue to not add up. First it was the massive Stimulus money hole, Solyndra, courtesy of Obama paying off his big donors, a recurring theme with him; then it was the bogus Unemployment Numbers pushed by the President and the Democrats; can’t forget about the missing $1.2 Billion Obama’s and Biden’s good [...]

Depends On What Your Definition Of “Lie” Is…*Open Thread* »

Thursday brought two major hearings to Capitol Hill. The first was Attorney General Eric Holder on the whole “Fast and Furious” issue. After many half responses, non-responses, and dissembling left and right, came this little interaction between Eric Holder and Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) in the video below:

Following The Money, All Washed And Clean »

That money would be Mexican drug cartel money all sparkly clean thanks to – wait for it – the DEA. Yes, the DEA, under Holder, has laundered millions – MILLIONS – of dollars for the Mexican drug cartels. How in the hell is Holder, and every single one of the administrators who went along with [...]

Good News! Our Economy Is SO Much Better Now, Especially For Democrats! »

Or at least that was the impression this headline from The Hill wanted us to believe, “Signs Of Turning Tide On Economy Lift Democrats, Obama’s Hopes.” Oh, Happy Day! Woohoo! The tide has turned, the economy is recovering, people are going back to work, Obama has parted the waters and slowed their rising, oh Hallelujah… [...]

Obama, “Aloha From Hawaii – The Rest Of You Stay And Work” Open Thread »

Yes, it is that time of year again, when Obama and Family head off to Hawaii for a bit of R&R. Obama’s SEVENTEEN day vacation is set to start on December 17th. His office said he had no public events planned. In other words, this is a total vacation from all of his hard work. [...]

Now Barney Does His Job, And Bill Richardson Pulls An Edwards? *OT* »

Yes, now that Barney Frank has decided not to run for re-election, he has decided to actually do the work of the people. No, seriously – he is. But it took him saying he was leaving to do it, and this is a BIG issue. And that would be Obamacare. Specifically, the Independent Payment Advisory [...]

Congressional Insider Trading Scandal Is the Final Straw »

~Bumped Up~ Steve Kroft’s explosive 60 Minutes report on rampant ‘legal’ congressional insider trading last Sunday provoked fury and heartache at an elitist political class spiraling out of control. I cannot claim to have romantic notions about any politician, but this latest disclosure is the final nail in the coffin. For politicians to use access [...]

Fannie and Freddie Executives Have Payroll Amnesia, and Chu Faces The Music On Solyndra »

On Wednesday, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives had to appear before Congress to discuss the recent issue of their wanting to give themselves some big, huge bonuses. Needless to say, the Congresspeople were none too thrilled with these folks, as this LA Times article highlights: The chief executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac [...]

It’s A Numbers Game *Open Thread* »

A whole bunch of numbers are coming out today, but one in particular stands out: as you read this, the US Debt will have reached $15 TRILLION for the first time in history. While Obama is hanging out in Hawaii on the links with his prostitute-seeking-and-busted-by-an-undercover-cop friend, complaining about Americans being lazy (the hypocrisy on [...]

“Free Market Capitalism v. Corporate Cronyism” »

A dear friend of mine, Gina, wrote this outstanding rant at her Facebook page. I reprint it here with her full permission, and with my gratitude for her allowing me to do so. Here it is: “Free Market Capitalism vs Corporate Cronyism” Free market capitalism is the basis for a healthy economy. Businesses – large [...]

It’s Time For OWS Folks To Go Home Already *Open Thread* »

Amazingly, Occupy Wall Street continues to be in the news, though not quite so positively now as more violence erupts in major cities. Not to mention the sexual assaults by OWS men against OWS women coming to light despite the attempts by OWS people to cover it up. Indeed, the polls are showing people are [...]

Crazy Things Being Done By Our Government »

~Bumped up~ That are going to make my head explode. First, news that the ten executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which are still operating in the red, and which are largely to blame for the housing crisis, got BONUSES. And I am not talking little bonuses, either. Those ten mo-fos got = and [...]

“We’re Better Now Than We Would Have Been,” So Sayeth Obama *Updated* Open Thread »

Over the past few years, according to Obama. Yes, he really did. He claimed we were better off now. See for yourselves:

Obama, Mr. Doom and Gloom »

Good grief, have you caught Obama on the campaign trail recently? Mr. Hope and Change has become Mr. Doom and Gloom. His new campaign rhetoric is to go around the country telling you how horrible the Republicans are, and all of the terrible things that will befall you, your children, and the country, should you [...]