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Our Government Is A Joke! »

America awakes this morning to the realization that our federal government is collectively unwilling and/or unable to tend to the people’s business. Many in America might like to point fingers at one side of the aisle or the other. Many others would bemoan the general lack of real leadership in the most senior positions within [...]

“Waste Not, Want Not” »

The old Ben Franklin adage, is apparently one with which our government is unfamiliar. Just within the past few days, three major wasteful decisions have come to light. The first is in the State Department. This wasn’t just a wasteful decision, but an unethical, immoral, and I have to hope, illegal one. Within the State [...]

Who Knew The White House Could Be Even More Obtuse? »

But yet, they can. This has got to be my all-time fave from the current White House spokeseasel, Jay Carney. He came out with a real doozy in response to some questions from ABC News journalist, Jake Tapper regarding the debt issue with which we are dealing: [snip] TAPPER: OK. The House is passing something [...]

Sounds Like Obama Meeting With Big Pharma Was Just The Beginning… »

Of the duplicity that is Obamacare. Some time ago, August 12, 2009, to be exact, Obama-phile Greg Palast wrote about Obama meeting with Big Pharma from the get-go. He was not amused that Obama would do this, though others of us are not surprised one bit that Obamacare was a giveaway to Big Pharma. But [...]

So It Continues – Racism And Sexism In 2012! »

All in one post! Whee!! Ahem. Yes, once again, racism is being touted as the cause for the landslide shift in the 2010 election, according to Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA). Good grief. Yes, Rep. Moran made this ludicrous charge in an interview with an Arab TV station (honestly, I am having a hard time writing [...]

The REAL Unemployment Numbers Coming To Light »

“60 Minutes” dropped a bombshell on their 10/24 broadcast regarding the unemployment numbers in this country. We have been hearing for some time that the figure stands at 9.6%. Turns out, that is a big crock of hooey (and h/t to Jammie Wearing Fool for highlighting this report). Yes, even though the 9.6% is a [...]

Quotas In Financial Overhaul Bill Courtesy Of Rep. Maxine Waters »

Oh, you remember Rep. Waters, don’t you? Who could forget her comments regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Just in case, here’s a reminder: Uh, um, hell yes, there was a big problem with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Rep. Waters.

What’s In The Water In The House?? »

I had a whole other post ready this morning, and then I saw my “illustrious” representative, Jim Clyburn on the tee-vee, talking about Alvin Greene, the certified Democratic Senate candidate from the state of South Carolina. I mentioned the other day that Rep. Clyburn was asserting that Alvin Greene is a plant. He expounds upon [...]

President Obama Wants YOU to Make Hard Choices »

President Obama made a visit to Ottumwa, Iowa Wednesday. As reported by Jake Tapper on ABC’s Political Punch: “We’re going to have to make some tough choices” about the deficit and national debt, President Obama said to a crowded gymnasium full of supporters at Indian Hills Community College, after a lengthy riff on how the [...]

MSM and Pundits Claim These Citizens Would Never Be Tea Partiers… »

Tea partiers have pundits and politicians heads spinning. The movement keeps growing. The defy description or easy characterization. First insulted with the sexual slur “teabaggers,” called racist, extremist, angry white men and every other nasty name in the book, recent polling has determined they are quite representative of American demographics, many are well educated and [...]

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on GDP And The National Debt »

I think we are in for a world of hurt. So does Chairman Ben Bernanke:

“Hope Is Fading Fast” »

Editor: Bumped up because this t-shirt says it all — well, almost all — because Reverend Amy’s accompanying commentary is a must-read. Stay tuned for more to come on how rapidly Obama’s supporters are turning on him. If only they’d listened to us … I’ll say. And what a fantastic depiction on this t-shirt. Here’s [...]

“Tens of Thousands” »

Yes, more numbers to report to you you today. “Tens of Thousands” is the phrase the Washington Post and The New York Times used to describe the numbers of people marching on Washington yesterday, voicing their concerns over the rampant spending by Congress. “Tens of thousands” has apparently become a euphemism for 1.2 – 2 [...]

Baby’s First Number »

It used to be, not so very long ago, that the first numbers assigned to each newborn were date and time of birth, weight, and Apgar test scores (ratings on muscle tone, respiration, reflex irritability, pulse, and skin color). Now, the instant babies pop out their sweet heads (or butts, out of respect for those [...]

What Is Going On With The Economy, Obama?? »

I have some major things going on today, but I did want to touch on the Economy and what has been going on of late. As you may have heard, we have been adding $200 BILLION a MONTH to the Deficit. We are currently bumping up against the $12.1 TRILLION Debt Ceiling as established by [...]

The Weakest Link is Weakening »

The other day I highlighted the fact that 12 eastern European countries would solicit a bailout from the European Union over the weekend in Brussels. I defined this bloc of eastern European countries as currently the Weakest Link in the global economy. Well, if they were the weakest link then they just got weaker as [...]

When the Oracle of Omaha Speaks . . . »

Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders is always a highly anticipated event by market participants. Given the fact that Berkshire is effectively a diversified holdings company, Buffett has a unique perspective into a wide array of businesses. He also has the wisdom of investing over many years and through many challenging markets. Well, if misery [...]

what sayeth the donald? »

I thought this a worthy interview to share, for those who missed it. Trump and Hannity sat down for a lengthy, and coherent interview (which I prefer over those 2 second jobbies you usually get in the media, with everyone screaming over each other) and discussed the stimulus package, the housing bailout, charity deductions, banks, [...]

February 2009 Market Review »

Prior to going to the comments section of my son’s report card, human nature dictates that I first look at the grades. In that same vein, let’s see how the markets performed for the month of February: Let’s review my specific projections from the January 2009 Recap: