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“shifting financial obligations of this magnitude to future generations is immoral, unacceptable and unsustainable” »

“We are spending enough of our kids’ money,” the letter said. “Our country needs to get back to following the teachings of Romans 13:8, which says we should ‘let no debt remain outstanding.’” “In our view, shifting financial obligations of this magnitude to future generations is immoral, unacceptable and unsustainable,” the senators’ letter said. “All [...]

I’ve Changed My Mind About “Death Panels” »

My good friend and neighbor, let’s call him, Roger, depends entirely on his pitifully small Social Security check as well as Medicare. He called up his senators and representative yesterday, and also sent all three of them this e-mail: I am stunned that the Obama administration has the nerve to refuse to give senior and [...]

The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You , But I Will »

SOCIAL SECURITY IS NOT BROKE As with so many of his positions, Obama’s stance on Social Security has ‘evolved.’ In September of 2008, Slate’s Peter Bray asked, why did Obama delete the following from his on-line position paper on Social Security: “[Obama] does not believe it is necessary or fair to hard working seniors to [...]

How Social Security Has Changed Over the Years »

(bumped up from earlier this evening — it is the most fascinating history, and a true must-read! – Susan) In the first post on our nation’s Social Security system I tried to give a brief history of how the program came about and the immediate needs of people suffering from the Depression that caused FDR [...]

Why Social Security Matters To ALL of Us »

(bumped up from early Sunday night) Editor’s Note: Yes! This essay is written by “bert,” who you all know from her regular comments here. She submitted this superb article for publication, and we are so pleased to share this fine writing and excellent research with you. Below, you’ll see that “bert” also found a shocking [...]

Social Security remains our core safety net; from a published LTE to the New York Times »

William Arnone, a dedicated supporter of Hillary Clinton throughout the primaries, sent me a copy of his letter to the New York Times in response to a January 26th editorial, “From Here to Retirement” that — once again — show how out of touch the New York Times’s editors and reporters are with average working [...]

[Update x3] Is Judd Gregg Really What the Democrats Want? »

Bumped up from early morning, with these additional thoughts: UPDATE #3 (uh, did Obama know this when he decided on Gregg?): “Gregg Voted to Kill Commerce Before He Agreed to Lead It”, CQ Politics, February 2, 2009: President Obama’s new candidate to run the Commerce Department voted in favor of abolishing the agency as a [...]

To Catch a POTUS »

It took nearly two years with an army of indomitable hunters determined to trap a POTUS* at any cost using any means, but Obama did it. Now that the biggest, most hazardous, acutely stressful, and toughest job on the planet has been captured, what is Obama going to do with it? I get the feeling [...]

McCain’s Health Care Plan Gets Better Reviews Than Obama’s »

According to Robert Carroll’s editorial in the WSJ, Almost Everyone Would Do Better Under the McCain Health Plan: The McCain health-care insurance tax credit may well be one of the most misunderstood proposals of this presidential election. Barack Obama has been ruthless in his attacks. But the tax credit is highly progressive and will provide [...]

“Brother, Can You Spare A Dime,” Or More Like… »

“Give me all your money – I’m the government! I know how best to spend your hard earned wages – I’ll SHARE them with whomever I choose worthy! And while I’m at it, maybe I’ll take over your 401(k)s too, and give you a WHOPPING 3% interest on your “investment! Aren’t I BENEVOLENT???” Woohoo!!! Where [...]

Hillary’s Holdouts, and a Message to Obama Supporters »

Bob Ostertag at Huffington Post is urging Obama donors “who are angry about his about-face on the upcoming FISA legislation” to donate instead this month to Russ Feingold’s senate reelection. Feingold, Ostertag says, “is carrying on the fight that Obama walked away from.” Mr. Ostertag notices a “spike” in donations to Feingold. So far, so [...]


OBAMA SIGNALS ENDLESS WAR IN IRAQ, SELLOUTS ON FISA, NAFTA, AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM * * * * * WANTED: 175 HONEST DEMOCRATIC DELEGATES TO LEAVE FRAUDULENT OBAMA IN DENVER! On July 3, Barack Obama revealed once and for all that he has run a fraudulent campaign in his attempt to secure the Democratic nomination [...]


How is Obama going to fix Social Security? The One has NO IDEA. Yet, that’s not stopped him from coming up with more Change We Can’t Believe In. In Thursday’s Wall Street Journal, Donald L. Luskin reports the following: Would it help Social Security’s financing problems? Mr. Obama has no idea. One of his senior [...]

Oh, stop whining about ABC »

WOE IS ME! WOE IS ME! ABC IS MEAN! Well, yeah.  ABC was mean to Obama.  They treated him like, dare I say it, the frontrunner.  They treated him like they are going to treat him every day from now until November.  You saw him, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, get the same sort of [...]

Snob-gate, Class War, and a Chance to Redefine the Party »

It is, I believe, the faith in our fellow citizens as individuals and as people that lies at the heart of the liberal faith. – The Meaning of Liberalism John F. Kennedy The civil war now being waged in the Democratic Party gives us an opportunity to redefine liberalism and the Party itself. The sexism [...]

Noted Plagiarism Expert Weighs In (& Other News of the Day) »

Here’s more from “Barack X,” as someone called him today in response to the must-see, goin’-viral “Bambloozing” video. That was via Hot Air. And now U.S. News & World Report has added its own video: And check out the Black Agenda Report, Obama’s privatizin’ Social Security adviser, and Hillary Clinton’s endorsement by Sen. John Glenn [...]

“The Audiology of Hope: Dogwhistle Economics 102″ »

I’ve “known” RonK Seattle online since 2004. He’s very sharp. He suffers NO fools, including the O’Dramas. This is the first part of his short, pithy diary tonight on Daily Kos (and NO wonder the Republicans heart Obama so much!). Susan’s Sunday Plea: Whatever else you do today — drink too much beer, yell in [...]

Paul Krugman Hits Obama’s Attacks on Edwards re 527s »

BIG PICTURE Preface: This is about saving the imperiled MIDDLE CLASS. In a nutshell, with a tip to Campskunk’s post: Both Hillary Clinton and John Edwards (see a pro-Edwards diary) have received considerable support from unions. Obama has not gotten that support, or that money, so he’s pissed. His response? He attacks John Edwards, and [...]