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When It Comes to Obama, Is It Jackie Robinson or Sally Fields? »

I wanted to wait for a few days before commenting on the import of the election of Barack Obama. As longtime readers of NoQuarter know firsthand, Barack’s skin color has been completely irrelevant to the question of his qualification to be President. He is a quintessential enigma wrapped in a conundrum (i.e., an inscrutable mystery [...]

Minister Farrakhan and Barack Obama »

There has been a virtual wall of silence around Barack Obama’s long-time ties with Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. One is tempted to dismissively say that the Minister is ‘just a guy in the neighborhood’, much like William Ayers. Turns out that Ayers was not just a guy in the neighborhood. Nor [...]

Jesse w/o invitation, Rangel snubbed, FISA sell-out, untethering the mayor, wrestling with pigs, new spies and redstateupdate »

1) Jesse Jackson is still paying for his “nutty” remark on television. The Hill has a story saying Jackson will not likely be speaking at the Democratic convention. As an aside, a Jackson friend also said Al Sharpton would not speak. No offense, but ya think? AA speakers more likely to appear include Washington Mayor [...]

Arrogant Thing, You Make Everything…Horrid »

OK. My head is spinning. I can say the Obama Campaign could not get any more outrageous or preposterous, but I am sure I will be proven wrong. Senator Obama, on his Rockapalooza tour of the Middle East and Europe, is now taking time out from photo ops and playing hoops (you know, while Afghani [...]

I’m Looking Through You »

The repudiation of Barack Obama continues unabated. It is something so unprecedented in American history to have so many rebel against the presumptive Democratic nominee even before he has been nominated. Yet another anti-Obama website has been launched and this one is by former supporters of the very junior Senator from Illinois. The Chicago Tribune‘s [...]

What comes around [Updated] »

Don’t miss the update at the end. You know how I was saying yesterday that Obama supporters weren’t exactly jumping at the chance to help Hillary pay down her debt? Well it seems I didn’t know the half of it. Sure, I ended my piece a little snarky but essentially what I said turned out [...]