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Pakistan’s Professional Widower »

The professional widow serves a particular role in American life. Generally these women were the wives of prominent political figures who were assassinated or came to some sort of tragic end. The group includes Ethel Kennedy, widow of Bobby Kennedy; Betty Shabazz, widow of Malcom X; and Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King [...]

ted’s favorite jokes were about chappaquiddick »

I wasn’t alive when America witnessed the assassination of John F Kennedy, and was a mere toddler when Bobby Kennedy was killed. I was just three when Chappaquiddick happened. I grew up in the generation of John John, and sadly we experienced our own Kennedy tragedy. The entire Kennedy clan seems to be touched by [...]

Misogyny was the central narrative of the Obama campaign »

(image from Post Secret) The image above was posted on Post Secret on November 8, 2008. I have no doubt that the dominate narrative of this campaign — the forceful suppression of women — is responsible for the author’s “secret.” In the Obama-realm, feminism isn’t just bad, it’ll ruin your life. One only need to [...]

What do Rashid Khalidi and Sirhan Sirhan have in common? Ayers and Obama »

Bill Ayers, domestic terrorist and Obama benefactor, dedicated his book to Sirhan Sirhan, the man who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy. Prairie Fire, published in 1974, is described as Ayers’ communist manifesto. Dedicating a book to Sirhan Sirhan isn’t radical chic or a youthful indulgence. Dedicating a book to Sirhan Sirhan is tantamount to denying the [...]

ayers dedicated his book to sirhan sirhan »

And people think Bill Ayers is *no big deal*? William Ayers dedicated his 1974 book, Prairie Fire, to the man that assassinated Bobby Kennedy. And Obama thinks it is okay to serve with, work with, and socialize with this guy, the man who dedicated his book to the man that killed Robert F. Kennedy? Obama [...]

Bobby Kennedy: Fearless »

Like many Democrats, I fell hard for Bobby Kennedy. Although I wasn’t born when he was killed, his memory is woven into the fabric of the Democratic Party. You couldn’t be a Democrat through the conservative revolution of the 1980s and 1990s without yearning for his voice of outrage.