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Adding More Fuel To The Fire (And I Don’t Mean In Texas) »

No, I mean the deal this Administration cut with the now bankrupt solar power company, Solyndra. I wrote about this company, the recipient of a $535 million dollar loan, the other day (When It Comes To This Administration…). Seems there were some pretty interesting connections between Obama and a number of investors, as well as [...]

An Unexpected Ripple From Egypt »

I freely admit, I did not see this one coming. My friend and fellow NQ writer, Linda Anselmi, shared the following article with me, most appropos for bringing to an end Women’s History Month. And that would be this Bloomberg article, Saudi Women Inspired by Fall of Mubarak Step Up Equality Demand. Wow, right? Honestly, [...]

What Is In The Water In Berkeley? »

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the following story about what is going on in Berkeley and a recent action there. The headline gives you a hint: “Alleged Leaker Bradley Manning: Hero To Berkeley?“. Of course, the headline refers to WikiLeaks. And the answer would be… YES!!!! By a vote of 7-3, the Peace [...]

Is “California The Lindsey Lohan Of States”? »

Yes, it is according to former Californian (and still Birkenstock-wearer), Allysia Finley, in this Wall Street Journal piece, “California Is The Lindsey Lohan Of States.” This is her assessment after the recent election. I must say, she does make some good points in this article: [snip] After enjoying ephemeral highs and spending binges, you suffer [...]

The REAL Unemployment Numbers Coming To Light »

“60 Minutes” dropped a bombshell on their 10/24 broadcast regarding the unemployment numbers in this country. We have been hearing for some time that the figure stands at 9.6%. Turns out, that is a big crock of hooey (and h/t to Jammie Wearing Fool for highlighting this report). Yes, even though the 9.6% is a [...]

Pet Peeves »

… is when someone tells me that I am flat-out wrong on a statement of fact, not even entertaining for a second that I could be right, and when shown proof positive, still acts skeptical. Or having my personal experience as a woman (or lesbian) discounted precisely because I am a woman (and a lesbian). [...]

Will The DOJ End Up Suing Half The Country…*Updated* »

Over Immigration policies? Well, if a lot of people currently running for office win, I guess the DOJ will just have to since they all want to implement an Arizona-style immigration law. Yes, fully twenty-two (22) states are looking to incorporate Arizona’s law on their own books, as the report below highlights: Watch the latest [...]

Mosque Rallies And Other News Of The Day »

There are some doozies in the news this morning. But first, in case you missed it, there was a big rally near Ground Zero on Sunday. Protesters and supporters of the mosque/cultural center plans to be built in that area showed up to make their voices heard. Clearly, this issue is not going away anytime [...]

Nikki Haley Wins SC, One Of Many Women Running For Governor This Year »

Well, the special elections have been held, the ballots counted, and Nikki Haley beat out her RNC competitor, Barrett Gresham, by a lot. She will now run to be the first female governor of South Carolina. Chances are good she will succeed, too. She is one of many, as this article highlights, Women Pounding on [...]

Now Mexico Is Suing Arizona? »

Okay, I am just shaking my head in disbelief at this, but it is, in fact, true. Yes, now Mexico is suing Arizona for having the audacity to try and protect its borders from illegal aliens. Oh, that’s not how they phrase it – they just don’t want their citizens to be asked for any [...]

The Year Of The Women? **UpdatedX2** »

Wow, what a night Tuesday night! This is shaping up to be the Year of the Women, finally. Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina took California, two women with tremendous resumes in the private sector. Nikki Haley won big in South Carolina, though she does have to have a run-off June 22nd. She is fully expected [...]

Pitting Citizen Against Citizen »

That would be President Obama in his recent press conference. Now I understand why this “eloquent” “brilliant” “orator” does not do more of these things. Wow. We thought Bush was bad. But eve Bush never pitted one American citizen against another like this: Watch the latest news video at Obama said claimed that the [...]

SEIU Thugs Take On A 14 Year Old Boy – UPDATED x2 »

I have often mentioned SEIU, the union co-founded by ACORN’s founder, Wade Rathke. That really should tell people as much as they need to know. Of course, there is more, though. SEIU’s recently resigned director, Andy Stern, has been a frequent visitor at the White House. And yes, SEIU helped to get Obama elected. The [...]

What An Illegal Immigrant Hating Law »

I feel compelled to share with you the actual text of this illegal immigrant hating law brought to my attention recently(h/t to HARP for providing this). I think you will be surprised when you read the extent of it. Just for fun, I am taking out the name of the state that crafted, this fascistic, [...]

Secure Our Borders To Keep Drugs (And Illegals) Out? Nah, Treatment’s Cheaper »

Just when you think our Elected Officials cannot possibly be any stupider, there is this article, Pelosi: It’s Cheaper to Treat Teens for Drug Use Than Interdict Drugs at Border. Sigh. Okay, here’s the thing. I love San Francisco. It is a beautiful city. But seriously, how can they keep electing this woman?? Read it [...]

Students Sent Home For Wearing Patriotic Clothes »

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this story last night, “Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees; Freedom of expression or cultural disrespect on Cinco de Mayo?.” Now, there are times kids might need to change their t-shirts, or turn them inside out, or what have you, for inappropriate messages, [...]

Things Get Hot, And “Do As We Say, Not As We Do,” Says Calderon »

Well, the protests against Arizona and any immigration reform have come and gone from the weekend. Despite the sheer volume of the cries, the number of people were not what was expected. LA had about half the numbers they expected, and Chicago only had about 8,000. I’m sure you’ll appreciate this: Upset — and scared, [...]

Some Positive News For A Change »

This past week brought some major news out of Houston, Houston Is Largest City to Elect Openly Gay Mayor. Way to go Lone Star State! The win is impressive, as is the new mayor, Annise Parker. Ms. Parker graduated from a high school in Charleston, SC. Her mom still lives here, though they do not [...]

Apparently, Holder Has Other Things To Do »

Than look at ACORN. Yet, the hits just keep on coming. There is another tape out from James O’Keefe of filmmaker James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles going to ACORN offices in an expose of the lengths to which ACORN workers will go to assist in setting up an underage prostitution ring. Here is the latest [...]

Would An Abacus Help To Accurately Count Jobs “Recovered”? »

Recently, Vice President Biden reported that the Stimulus Program had created a huge number of jobs. If you have 41 minutes to spend to watch him – what the hell is the matter with you?? Oh, no wait – sorry. Ahem. I meant to say, if you have the time, you can watch Biden announce [...]