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A Stunning Display »

“I don’t want Bush-Cheney lite,” he told reporters yesterday. “I want a fundamental change.” Sen. Barack Obama, NYT, July 26, 2007 referring to Sen. Hillary Clinton. Oh, really? Let’s explore this a bit as we stroll down memory lane…

Will Barack Throw Mama From the Train? [Update Two] + NEW THREAD II »

THIS IS THE THIRD THREAD ON THIS STORY. We had 621 comments in the original post below — “Will Barack Throw Mama From the Train? [Update Two].” The second thread had 522 comments.

Will Barack Throw Mama From the Train? [Update Two] + NEW THREAD »

COMMENTS IN THIS THREAD ARE NOW CLOSED, and new comments may be posted in the third thread above. We had over 600 comments in the original post below — “Will Barack Throw Mama From the Train? [Update Two]” — and bega a new thread. We’ll wait about 10-15 minutes to close comments on the previous [...]

An open letter to Senator Obama: »

Dear Senator Obama: I’m very upset by recent statements you have made about funding education by “postponing” elements of the space program. Let me tell you why this is a very ill-advised position. 1. It makes you look like an idiot. If you do indeed postpone Orion by five years, you have effectively killed it. [...]

Will Barack Throw Mama From the Train? [Update Two] »

COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED because we’ve surpassed 600 comments, BUT MAY BE VIEWED. CONTINUE YOUR DIALOGUES ABOVE. I now have it from two three four sources (three who are close to senior Republicans) that there is video dynamite–Michelle Obama railing against “whitey” at Jeremiah Wright’s church. Republicans may have a lousy record when it comes [...]

An Obamaism ReMix »

Meet Me In Denver: The rest of the story »

You’ve now seen Alegre’s diary, which she posted last night at Here’s the rest of the story. Two things happened: 1) Alegre received an official warning (BELOW THE FOLD), and she had to acknowledge, by clicking the buttons, that she saw the SINS ERRORS of her ways in order to be able to continue [...]

Meet Me In Denver! (PART I) »

(PART II WILL BE PUBLISHED IN ONE-HALF HOUR) I got an email from a friend and have tried to confirm this from other sources – no luck as yet but I thought I’d mention this to raise an important point gang… Rumor has it that Camp Obama’s making a huge push to make nice with [...]

Hillary: “It’s About What’s Right For Oregon” [UPDATE!] »

UPDATE Via TexasDarlin: Another poll that shows a TIE in votes already mailed (49-49) / This one shows overall BO 50 — HRC 45 / We can pull out an upset in Oregon. (ALL HANDS ON DECK! GO to and sign up for phone calls!)

The Inanity Of It All OPEN THREAD [Important Update] »

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We cannot vouch for the chat program being advertised on our site. But we are certain that the ad company would NOT have accepted the ad without vetting it first. ___________________ DICK MORRIS, today on Fox News: If Barack picked Hillary as his VP candidate …. “I wouldn’t sell him life insurance.” Boy, [...]

The Brand Called Obama® »

The April issue of Fast Company® has a cover story on the Branding of Obama.  I thought now would be a good time to explore the marketing and polishing of the Brand. The Fast Company article is favorable for Obama, please read it. I’ve been somehow involved with marketing for most of my life and [...]