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Malaysian Air 777–Was it Terrorism? »

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is fueling speculation that this was a terrorist strike, in part because two people with stolen passports apparently were on board the flight. So, was this terrorism? Short answer–NO.

Let me elaborate why I think this has nothing to do with terrorism. For starters, why hit a Malaysian target?The missing Malaysian flight was not filled with westerners nor was it going to a western destination. Instead, it was filled with Chinese and Malaysians. It just does not make sense as a target of radical Islamists.

Another consideration, that would indicate a terrorist act, would be at least two other such incidents. This harkens back to the failed Al Qaeda plot in 1994–BOJINKA–which proposed to bring down almost one dozen jumbo planes crossing the Pacific. The test run for this was carried out by Ramsi Yousef, who boarded a Philippine Air flight in the southern Philippines, built a bomb on board, stuffed it under a seat and debarked the plane. He did not want to be on board when the bomb went off.

While this is a possible scenario, it is not likely.

What about the two passengers with stolen passports? Read the rest »

The Curiouos Logic and Exaggerated Genius of Condi Rice »

Let’s start with what Condi Rice does really, really well–she’s a dandy pianist. She is no bimbo and certainly has book smarts. But as a strategic thinker she’s a dud. As a Soviet Expert? Grossly overrated.

I am ignoring the kerfuffle between Condi and the Rutgers faculty over the University’s invite to feature her as their commencement speaker. I side with the faculty–why honor Rice who, as the National Security Advisor to George W. Bush, backed the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses and, more importantly, weakened U.S. influence in the Middle East and paved the way for Iran to spread its power and influence. Just patting her on her nappy head and congratulating her for being the first black female to serve as the NSC Advisor and as the Secretary of State smacks of paternalism and racism.

What the hell difference does the color of her skin have to do with the stupid decisions she made at the NSC and at State? Conservatives are up in arms over the effort of the Rutgers faculty and insist this is racism directed at an Aunt Jemima who loves to dance at the white Republican Plantation. Not in this case (this is different from the hate spewed at the likes of Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas). Conservatives need to admit they are just as guilty as the Libs when it comes to playing the minority card in the credibility game. In this case, conservatives are willing to overlook incompetence just because Condi is black.

Anyway, back to Condi’s latest op-ed, Will America Heed the Wake up Call of Ukraine? Read the rest »

Putin versus Obama »

This needs no comment. Hilarious. Brilliance from Read the rest »

Twelve Years a Slave »

I finally watched the Oscar winner, Twelve Years a Slave–what a gawd awful movie. How this piece of crap won the Oscar for Best Picture is beyond me. Just the act of watching it is tedious. Hell, it feels like twelve years passes while the film unspools even though the actual running time is a little over two hours.

The members of the Academy who voted for this swill apparently embraced pandering to slave porn rather than reward movies that were well written and damn entertaining.

Nigger, nigger, nigger. The movie relishes using that tired epithet. My rule of thumb for a great movie is very simple–is it something that enthralls you and ignites your soul. That ain’t this movie.

Seriously, have any of you seen this waste of 136 minutes? Read the rest »

Neo Con and Conservative Cold War Hysteria »

I do not know where to begin in expressing consternation over the crazies swarming over the cable channels to pontificate on stopping Vladimir “Adolf Hitler” Putin. God Save us. Comparing Putin to Hitler, which is what Bill O’Reilly did on his show tonight, is beyond laughable. It is downright dishonest and dangerous.

But O’Reilly is not the only loon. Hell, we’ve got John McCain and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, rattling sabers and demanding that Obama do something. And Marco Rubio? Yikes.
While I fully agree that Obama projects as much strength as a flaccid penis on an 85 year old man with a swollen prostate, Putin is pursuing the Russian interests in the Ukraine and could give a flying fuck what we think.

I am growing weary of Americans and their shallow, insular view of world affairs. We are so deep in self-delusion that we can pontificate about telling Putin what he will and won’t do while having absolutely no power at all to actually persuade him to do something else. Read the rest »

Hilarious Oxymoron of the Year–US Intelligence »

Want further proof that the combination of politically correct pandering to minorities and the appointment of political hacks as chief’s of the US Intelligence Agencies has created a disaster? Simply consider the huge miss on the Ukraine.

On Thursday night, the best assessment from the U.S. intelligence community—and for that matter most experts observing events in Ukraine—was that Vladimir Putin’s military would not invade Ukraine. Less than 24 hours later, however, there are reports from the ground of Russian troops pushing into the Ukrainian province of Crimea; the newly-installed Crimean prime minister has appealed to Putin to help him secure the country; Putin, in turn, is officially asking for parliament’s permission to send Russian forces into Ukraine. It’s not a full-blown invasion—at least, not yet. But it’s not the picture U.S. analysts were painting just a day before, either…

U.S. officials familiar with the intelligence on the fast moving situation in Ukraine tell The Daily Beast that analytic products from the intelligence community this week did not discount the prospect of Russian provocations and even light incursions in the Russian majority province of Crimea, the home of Russia’s fleet in the Black Sea. Nonetheless, until Friday, no one anticipated a Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory.

This kind of miss is inexcusable but quite understandable. Barack Obama, following on the damage done by Bush, has radically transformed and weakened the analytical arm of the intelligence community. I thought it was so obvious that Putin would put troops into Ukraine to protect Russia’s interests that I did not even think it required an article. Man, was I wrong on that count. I did not realize how massive is the incompetence of the intelligence analysts. Read the rest »

President “Mouse Fart” Obama Fluffs Again »

Why does Barack Obama not understand the concept of STFU? Seriously, his latest performance today trying to portray strength and warn Russia to stay out of the Ukraine was a pathetic, empty, meaningless gesture. If he had one or two adults around him he might have been counseled to say nothing. Why draw a meaningless line in the sand and then do nothing?

All that President Mouse Fart portrayed today was weakness. Compounding matters are the media, Senator McCain and some Cold War crazed pundits hectoring Obama to “stand up” to the Russians. If Obama had a backbone he should have come out in public and said something like the following: Read the rest »

Hillary Clinton Does Nothing as Her Goons Assault Silent Protester »

The case of Ray McGovern is a genuine alarm bell that should scare the hell out of every American who cares about freedom and the Constitution. Three years ago, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was giving a speech at George Washington University and denouncing political suppression in Egypt. As she spoke, retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern, a peace activist, stood up in the audience and turn his back to her. Ray, as some of you may recall, ended his career at the CIA as the guy who gave George H.W. Bush his daily intelligence brief. Ray also, during the reign of George W, stood up and confronted then Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld with some pointed, penetrating questions about the failure of US policy in Iraq.

Watch how Nazi-like thugs assault Ray when he attempted a silent protest:

Hillary said nothing. Shameful. She continued to try to lecture Egypt on how to handle political dissent while men under her direct authority put the 71 year old McGovern in a headlock, carried him from the room and brutally cuffed him. And she wants to be President? Read the rest »

Ukraine Ain’t Our Fight »

Enough of the East versus West horseshit. I spent a good portion of my life living under the cloud of a Cold War that, with the benefit of hindsight, was unnecessary and a waste of money and human life. Now, having learned nothing from the past 50 years, we appear hell bent on meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine. The current President, Yanukovich, was elected in a free, open election.

But what is the policy of the United States? Without an election and under the coercion of guns and Molotov cocktails, Yanukovich is supposed to step down and let the opposition take over. Really?

So, by that logic, if we can get the streets of Washington on fire and have Obama kill 100 Tea Party protests, then Obama must go? Read the rest »

Farmageddon »

I do not have a financial interest in the following film, but it is something you must see.

The irony here is that most of the people who have had their farms raided are on the left end of the political spectrum. Yet, when you hear their shock and outrage at the abuse of power, especially police and judicial powers, they sound like your average Tea Party Patriot.

This is wrong. Please note that the abuses are being carried out in places as diverse as California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Georgia. Read the rest »

Obama Boarding the Crazy Train to Syria? »

Put this in the category of, “You gotta be shitting me!” Yahoo’s Oliver Knox writes:

Americans unquestionably oppose any U.S. military intervention in Syria of the “boots on the ground” variety. They’re not fans of the idea of air strikes there, either. But how would they respond to narrowly tailored attacks targeting Islamist fighters who may be looking to use that country’s lawless war zones as a staging ground for potential attacks on U.S. allies, U.S. interests and possibly the United States itself? Would such a limited approach really help increasingly desperate moderate fighters squeezed between those extremists and strongman Bashar Assad’s troops? And what risk would it pose in terms of sucking the United States into an escalating role in the Syrian conflict?

Those are central, pressing questions as President Barack Obama assesses his handling of arguably the worst foreign policy disaster of his administration and gives fresh thought to a limited military role, according to current and former administration officials and congressional aides.

“Right now we don’t think that there is a military solution, per se, to the problem,” Obama said last week at a joint press conference with his closest ally on the issue, French President Francois Hollande. “But the situation is fluid, and we are continuing to explore every possible avenue to solve this problem.”

As Obama’s foreign policy goes up in an inferno of flames–Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iraq and Egypt–he looks increasingly inept and weak. Read the rest »

Obama, Weak as a Mouse Fart »

Is Barack Obama auditioning to play the Big Bad Wolf who fails to blow down the house made of bricks? I think so. Look at his pathetically weak posturing today on the issue of the Ukraine:

President Barack Obama condemned the violence in Ukraine on Wednesday, saying that the U.S. holds the government “primarily responsible for ensuring they are handling protesters peacefully” and that “there will be consequences if people step over the line.”

“We expect the Ukrainian government to show restraint, to not resort to violence,” Obama said in Mexico. “We expect peaceful protesters to remain peaceful.”

Consequences huh? Read the rest »

More Shoe Bomb Nonsense »

Must be a slow news day. Here we have another meaningless, feckless warning about prospective shoe bombers:

Sources familiar with the bulletin tell Fox News the intelligence was not specific to an airline, or time frame, but it suggested flights from overseas, coming into the U..S, are potentially at risk, not domestic flights within the United States.

The bulletin calls on screeners to increase their use of explosive detection swabs on passengers’ shoes. Fox News was told these very visible changes to security procedures are expected at airports overseas and not domestically. Passengers flying into the U.S. can also expect more pat-downs.

This is such total bullshit, on several counts. Most international carriers flying to the United States, at least as of last week, do not require prospective passengers to remove their shoes and have them inspected. Here’s what is so damn odd about this warning. Read the rest »

This is Why Obama is President »

If you assume most Americans are morons, you’re probably right. Jimmy Kimmel provided pretty compelling evidence last night that supports that thesis:

I suppose I should not be so shocked by this display of ignorance. Read the rest »

Barack Obama’s Bullshit Economy »

It has been five years since Barack Obama signed his highly hyped economic stimulus plan. Time magazine reports:

“Today does not mark the end of our economic problems,” Obama said on Feb. 17, 2009. “But it does mark the beginning of the end.”

And so it did. The stimulus quickly became a national joke, mocked by the right as a massive boondoggle and by the left as a pathetic pittance. A year after it passed, the percentage of Americans who believed it had created jobs was lower than the percentage of Americans who believed Elvis was alive. But after an epic financial crisis, the Recovery Act did launch a recovery. The economy started growing again in summer 2009. It started adding jobs again in spring 2010. . . .

The main conclusion of the 70-page report — the White House gave me an advance draft — is that the Recovery Act increased U.S. GDP by roughly 2 to 2.5 percentage points from late 2009 through mid-2011, keeping us out of a double-dip recession. It added about 6 million “job years” (a full-time job for a full year) through the end of 2012. If you combine the Recovery Act with a series of follow-up measures, including unemployment-insurance extensions, small-business tax cuts and payroll tax cuts, the Administration’s fiscal stimulus produced a 2% to 3% increase in GDP in every quarter from late 2009 through 2012, and 9 million extra job years, according to the report.

Bullshit. Let’s look at the actual job numbers: Read the rest »

Global Warming Hoax and Hype »

God certainly has a perverse sense of humor. On the very day that Barack Obama visits the desert known as California to bemoan that planet Earth is becoming a hothouse because of man-made carbon emissions, the South and the East coast were crushed with blasts of teeth chattering winds and mountains of sleet and snow. Now we have the horse faced John Kerry declare that anyone who fails to bow before the manufactured myth of Anthropomorphic Global Warming (i.e., global climate getting hotter because of human behavior and use of fossil fuels) is a flat earther.

Really? So here is a simple question–how much less oil must be burned in order to achieve a one degree drop in global temperature? Let’s put it another way, what amount of oil and/or coal, if burned, will raise the global temperature one degree? How about five degrees?

The morons pushing the Global Warming Agenda cannot answer these questions? They can opine, but there is not a single shred of valid scientifically derived evidence to back up this claim.

So Mr. Kerry, go blow yourself. Read the rest »

Spy Bureaucracy Run Amuck »

I don’t know how I missed this, but it is a story that certainly deserves attention and debate. The so-called “creation” of the Defense Clandestine Service?

Senior US officials and lawmakers are sending new signals that a fledgling cadre of military spies is a done deal, despite no real substantive public debate.

The Pentagon last year proposed creation of the Defense Clandestine Service (DCS), saying the military needed its own team of spies to gather human intelligence across the globe. The country already has a civilian clandestine service within the CIA, which is itching to ditch some of its post-9/11 roles and return full-time to the spying and analysis business.

Yet, despite unresolved questions about operational and budgetary redundancy, Congress rubber-stamped the Pentagon’s plans. And by approving the Defense Department plans as included in its last budget request, so did President Barack Obama, who seems enamored with the country’s myriad intelligence tools.

The conclusion apparently reached by Congress and the administration: Why not add another intel gadget to the toolbox — and slap a military insignia on it?

This is flabbergasting–how do you “create” something that has existed for more than 30 years? Read the rest »

Benghazi, What Difference Does it Make? »

I will give Hillary Clinton credit for one positive thing with respect to Benghazi–her shrill reaction to a legitimate question at a Senate hearing continues to resonate as a rallying cry that will haunt her thru her Presidential bid. There is no single issue. Benghazi is really about three things.

First, Benghazi represents all that is bad about Washington bureaucratic politics. The intel community, both the human collectors and the analysts, repeatedly and correctly warned that the situation in Libya, in general, and Benghazi, in particular, was deteriorating and the threat of violence against Americans was increasing. Now, Hillary supporters would like you to believe that Hillary is a complete bimbo. A very shallow person who just happened to sit at the top of State Department but was clueless about what was going on around her and under her. But that is nonsense. Hillary is a smart, sophisticated person.

So, why would she care about Libya? Hillary was one of the advocates of going into Libya to depose Qaddafi. Libya was not some side show way down on the priority list. It occupied one of the top five slots in the Obama Administration foreign policy agenda. That’s why the decision by State Department to refuse to add a security presence in Libya despite repeated requests from the Ambassador and his country team.

When the attack started on 11 September 2012, Hillary and her senior staff, tried desperately to portray the ensuing violence as just a random act that had nothing to do with terrorism or Al Qaeda. Read the rest »

Why the Hating on Russia? »

Sorry for the hiatus in writing. I’ve been tied up with the memorial service of an old friend who committed suicide. His death left family and friends devastated. But that’s another story.

I am fascinated by Cold War rhetoric blasting out of Fox and other news outlets as they discuss the Winter Olympics in Russia. I am a child of the cold war. I was born in 1955 and witnessed the erection of the Berlin Wall, the Cuban missile crisis and a raft of surrogate hot wars–Vietnam, Angola, El Salvador, Nicaragua, etc. But I also subsequent to the collapse of the Soviet Union visited the Ukraine and saw firsthand the exaggerated real threat of Soviet communism. The Russians have endured and inflicted punishment and suffering that is incomprehensible to most Americans. That is not an exude, but it is a fact. The millions murdered by Hitler’s Armies are on the same ledger as the millions that Stalin and his thugs exterminated.

Russian history also has a consistent theme of battling muslims on its frontiers and managing the tension its Christian orthodox majority and the muslim minorities. I revel in the irony of Americans–who now tolerate gulags like Guantanamo, persecution of journalists for publishing “secrets” and justify torture in the name of national security–complaining and criticizing Putin and his Russia for behavior and conduct that we increasingly mimic and tolerate.

I am especially amused by the Fox anchors and pundits busting blood vessels over what they perceive as NBC’s whitewashing of Russian history. Read the rest »

TSA’s Toothpaste Terror Nonsense »

TSA’s latest warning about a vague terrorist threat involving toothpaste is a real head scratcher. The local Fox station in Washington, DC grabbed me yesterday for some comments:


Unfortunately, the insightful, clever, pithy soundbites I provided never made it to air. So, allow me to elaborate on the idiocy of this move by TSA.

First, and most importantly, if someone wants to build a bomb on board a plane and has the knowledge of how to construct a workable device, it can be done easily. There is no, I REPEAT NO, security procedure/technology in currently in use at airports that can stop a serious bomber. Read the rest »