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Barack Obama Never Said Anything About Sneakers! »

That’s right. Obama promised no more “boots” on the ground in Iraq. He never said anything about sneakers, sandals or loafers. So there you have it. Using a typical lawyer loophole, Obama dispatched an additional 200 troops to Iraq today. He’s up to 1000 military personnel. Looks like that number will grow in the coming days.

We have caught a bit of a break–Ramadan. With these uber devout Muslim chaps in the newly declared Islamic State, they take fasting during daylight hours seriously. That means they are not combat effective come the afternoon. Lack of food and drink can make you dizzy. But, when the sun goes down, look out.

Most of America is too worried about where their next condom is coming from or how to score some free birth control pills to actually try to wrap their brain around the debacle unfolding in Iraq. Read the rest »

Yes, Bill and Hillary Clinton Are Despicable »

As part of the hysteria on the left in response to the Supreme Court decision yesterday stipulating that Hobby Lobby does not have to provide abortion causing drugs to employees, the reaction of Hillary Clinton was particularly sickening and disgusting. I regret ever having given this crazy woman a penny. Read this madness:

Part of the reason I was so adamant about including women and girls in our foreign policy, not as a luxury but as a central issue is because they’re often the canaries in the mine,” Clinton said. “You watch women and girls being deprived of their rights, some of them never have them, some of them lose them. Among those rights is control over their body’s, control over their own health care, control over the size of their families. It is a disturbing trend that you see in a lot of societies that are very unstable, anti-democratic, and frankly prone to extremism. Where women and women’s bodies are used as the defining and unifying issue to bring together people – men – to get them to behave in ways that are disadvantageous to women but which prop up them because of their religion, their sect, their tribe, whatever. So to introduce this element into our society…it’s very troubling that a salesclerk at Hobby Lobby who needs contraception, which is pretty expensive, is not going to get that service through her employer’s health care plan because her employer doesn’t think she should be using contraception.

She has now entered bimbo territory. What planet is this woman on? Read the rest »

Is Barack Obama a Cunt? »

Yep. Figured the C word would get everyones ears perked up and blood boiling. Yes, my shock value is a deliberate act. And yes, I understand that if you are from the United States this is probably the worst word in the English language. Of course, Chaucer had no problems using it, but that was several centuries ago. If you’re from New Zealand or Australia, “cunt” does not cause you the vapors. Some south of the Equator use “cunt” as a term of perverse endearment much like some take to calling friends, “my nigger.”

My outburst is a reaction to watching the stupid juvenile whining by Barack Obama about House Republicans. His lies and strawmen on the immigration issue are so delusional that one begins to question the mental competence of the President. Obama tries to maintain that the immigration crisis on the Mexican border is a direct consequence of the House of Representatives not passing so-called immigration reform. He completely ignores his own responsibility for creating this crisis by his prior public statements intimating that children from other countries will be allowed to stay if only they set foot on American soil. That idiotic promise did not fall from the lips of John Boehner’s mouth. That was Obama.

So, I return to my question. Read the rest »

Middle East Heating Up »

Breaking news this afternoon about the murder of three Jewish teenagers, apparently at the hands of Hamas members. Just what we need now. Israel will strike back and strike back hard. Unfortunately, the odds are that Israel will kill Palestinians who did not commit this crime. I am not saying that Israel should sit silently and turn the other cheek, but I do believe retribution should be targeted. Otherwise, Israel’s coming punch will probably ratchet up the retaliatory cycle and Hamas will launch further attacks.

As in the past, this killing spree goes on until one side or the other (or both) are exhausted and unwilling to incur further costs. This is taking place amid the backdrop of a step up in Sunni jihadist attacks in Lebanon and the rise of the new “Caliphate” in Iraq, as ISIS/ISIL stakes its claim.

Leave it to the fundamentalist extremists to overreach. Read the rest »

Barack Obama’s Terrorist Legacy »

At the zenith of its success, Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda consisted of around 400 “devotees.” These were the men who swore BAYAT to Bin Laden. Keep that number in mind and consider what has emerged while Barack Obama has been President–the monster that is ISIL or ISIS. ISIL is the acronym for Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (aka ISIS). This group has at least 6000 fanatical adherents. What do I mean by fanatical? They murder other muslims who, in their judgment, do not mean their standard of purity and faithfulness. Quite subjective and very lethal.

Apart for the numbers, they are the best funded terrorist group in the history of the world. They have looted between $500 million and one billion dollars. The last time the earth was shaken by a group like this was when Ghengis Khan swept thru Persia (now Iran) and Armenia in the 13th Centrury (around 1220 AD). One big difference–ISIL is an army of religious fanatics. Maybe this is a Muslim version of the First Crusade, which was a well-financed Army of fervent Christians who succeeded in capturing Jerusalem from the Muslims.

But ISIL is far more dangerous than Ghengis Khan or the crusaders of Pope Urban. Read the rest »

Baghdad–The 1984 Beirut of the 21st Century »

If you’re younger than 45, you probably remember little if anything about the chaos that was Beirut, Lebanon in the 1980s. It defined terrorism for the 20th Century. Our Embassy was blown up twice, a building housing US Marines was blown up and killed 241 and almost a dozen western hostages were taken held for years. The horrors of Beirut started under Ronald Reagan and continue thru the administration of George H.W. Bush. Getting ready for a re-run. Only this time it will be Baghdad, not Beirut. The bloodletting that will accompany the battle for neighborhoods, as Sunnis and Shias struggle to control their respective neighborhoods and sectors in and around Baghdad, will make the carnage of Beirut appear to be a minor skirmish.

I have been locked away at a military base and had a chance to chat with a wide variety of knowledgeable folks who have a lot of experience on the ground in Iraq. One thing is clear–Barack Obama has become Lt. Dike from Band of Brothers:

He needs to be relieved of command. He is lost and confused. Read the rest »

Hillary Clinton’s Revisionist History »

I appreciate one of our intrepid reader’s flagging the excerpt of Edward Klein’s new book, Blood Feud, with some new and questionable details on Obama, Hillary and Benghazi. But Klein is getting completely spun here. If this account is representative of the other “facts” in the book then the bullshit alert should be blaring. The snippet carried in the NY Post states:

By 10 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2012, when Hillary Clinton received a call from President Obama, she was one of the most thoroughly briefed officials in Washington on the unfolding disaster in Benghazi, Libya.

She knew that Ambassador Christopher Stevens and a communications operator were dead, and that the attackers had launched a well-coordinated mortar assault on the CIA annex, which would cost the lives of two more Americans.

She had no doubt that a terrorist attack had been launched against America on the anniversary of 9/11. However, when Hillary picked up the phone and heard Obama’s voice, she learned the president had other ideas in mind. With less than two months before Election Day, he was still boasting that he had al Qaeda on the run.

The report issued by the Senate Intelligence Committee shows that this claim is flat out wrong. By 10am, there was still no word about Chris Stevens being dead or alive. The only thing the US Government knew with certainty is that Stevens was missing. Read the rest »

Obama’s Looming Iraq Failure »

I am closing in on 60 years on this earth and can say that in my lifetime Barack Obama is the most incompetent, inept person to ever serve as President. He is solidifying this judgement as he bungles US national security in Iraq and the Middle East.

How do I know? Very simple. Answer a simple question–what is the US policy in Iraq? Promote democracy? Keep Iran at bay? Halt the spread of Sunni jihadists? All of the above?

The answer? Nobody knows because Obama has failed to articulate our policy. Instead, he is has fluctuated between abandoning existing alliances (Egypt and Libya) or deliberately destabilizing secular regimes (Syria). In both cases, he has relied on nothing more than hope that some leader, some where, favorably disposed to the West would emerge and take charge. His actions have enable the rise of Sunni extremists–the Muslim brothers in Egypt and ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

While George W. Bush is at fault for destabilizing Iraq and facilitating Iran’s reemergence as a regional power, Obama alone is responsible for enabling the spread of Sunni jihadism. Read the rest »

Dick & Liz Cheney Need to Shut the Hell Up »

When I heard Dick and his daughter, Liz, had written a diatribe blasting Obama’s failure in Iraq, I could only think of Pot Calling Kettle. Later yesterday I got a chance to watch Megan Kelly’s interview of the dimwitted duo. Fortunately, Megan did not give either a chance to skate from their past:

Megan had it exactly right. Cheney is trying to rewrite history and pretend that Iraq was in great shape when he and Bush left office. As I noted in a previous piece, there is plenty of blame for Obama’s inept leadership and incompetence as an executive in managing foreign policy, but he’s not to blame for taking out Saddam and destabilizing the Middle East and enabling Iran to spread its influence.

If you really want to go back to the evidence there is a must read again piece by Pat Lang. Colonel Lang wrote this at the end of 2003 and the start of 2004. It was published in the Summer of 2004. Drinking the Koolaid is a tour de force. Brilliant and prescient. Read the rest »

Abu Khattala is a Nobody and a Distraction »

I am struck dumb by the stupidity on air, especially at Fox and CNN, celebrating the capture of the so-called “mastermind” of Benghazi, one Abu Khattala. Sorry boys and girls, but that’s a lie. Khattala is nothing more than low hanging fruit plucked by an incompetent Administration desperate to change the subject.

How do I know? 18 months ago I spoke with a military fellow who had been on the ground in Benghazi hunting down the perpetrators of the 11 September 2012 attack. By that time, our guys had identified at least 10 of the attackers and knew where they were. The Obama Administration refused to give permission to go get them.

Abu Khattala, for example, is a middle-level functionary of the Ansar Al Sharia crew. There are at least three other members of Ansar Al-Sharia who are considered higher priorities. But Ansar Al Sharia are not the only ones on the list. There are other extremists with direct ties to various Al Qaeda linked entities.

Whatever boost Obama gets from this capture will be short-lived when the actual details about this guy are exposed. The simple fact that reporters from CNN and FOX could easily find and interview him should tell you everything you need to know. Read the rest »

Obama is Not the Only One Delusional on Iraq »

Watching the parade of talking head retreads brought back from exile to talk about Iraq and the unfolding collapse creates a tsunami of nostalgia. L. Paul “Jerry” Bremer and Paul Wolfowitz each played a significant role in the debacle that became Iraq. Listening to them complaining about Obama’s failed policy is akin to listening to the boys who killed their parents and are busy pleading for mercy because they are “orphans.”

There is plenty of blame to go around. But the focus now is justifiably on Obama, but he cannot be blamed for following the scheduled withdrawal from Iraq that was put in place by George W. Bush. Up to now, Obama was eager to take credit for “ENDING THE WAR IN IRAQ.” That’s just a lie. Obama simply followed the plan that was negotiated by Bush Administration.

It also is not fair to blame Obama for the lack of a SOFA–i.e., Status of Forces Agreement–with Iraq. The proposed SOFA was nixed by Maliki, who refused to grant the protections to US soldiers we demand for such agreements.

But Obama is to blame for surrendering US policy to Saudi interests and backing the so-called Arab Spring upheaval. His policy included getting on board with Saudi and Turkish efforts to destabilize Syria and arming Syria rebels. Read the rest »

There Was No Intelligence Failure in Iraq This Time »

The traditional ploy of blaming the intelligence community for the “surprising” turn of events in Iraq, in which jihadist rebels are marching on Baghdad and the Iraqi Army is fleeing in disarray, is showing up on both the left and the right of America’s political spectrum. Neocon Michael Rubin, who was a big fan of the 2003 invasion of Iraq (which set in motion this current chaos), laments in Commentary Magazine:

Behind the shock of the lightning capture of Mosul by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in Iraq, discussion in the United States has focused both on who is responsible and what the insurgents’ victory means for Iraq and the Middle East. These are important discussions, but it is equally imperative for lawmakers and military and intelligence professionals to begin another discussion: About the sheer and utter intelligence failure that led the United States and Iraq to be caught by surprise.

While many understood the withdrawal—begun by George W. Bush and completed by Barack Obama—to be premature and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, strategists sympathetic to their strategy assured that the United States could prevent terror from over the horizon, combing formidable intelligence assets with drones and manned aircraft and even special forces stationed in neighboring countries or offshore on American ships. The events in Mosul show this to be a lie. ISIS blindsided the United States, and neither the Pentagon nor the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has yet to say how this occurred.

Shane Harris at Foreign Policy echoes the same nonsense (click here). Complete and utter horseshit. Read the rest »

More Feckless Reaction on Iraq by Barack Obama »

Well, President Barky is doing his weak-ass version of saber rattling by sending US aircraft carrier, the ironically named George H.W. Bush, to the Persian Gulf:

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered that the USS aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush be moved to the Persian Gulf in case Washington decides to use military force in Iraq following the rise of attacks by an Al-Qaeda offshoot movement.

“The order will provide the Commander-in-Chief additional flexibility should military options be required to protect American lives, citizens and interests in Iraq,” the Pentagon said in a statement on Saturday.

The carrier USS George H.W. Bush will be accompanied by the guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea and the guided-missile destroyer USS Truxtun, the Petagon added. The Bush is a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, the largest warships in the world, according to the US Navy. The ships are powered by two nuclear reactors and can carry a crew of about 6,000 people.

What next? Is Barack going to put on a dress and offer blow jobs to the jihadists? The movement of the ship is meaningless from a military standpoint. Read the rest »

Barack Obama is to Baghdad As Nero was to Rome »

Instead of playing the fiddle (lyre) to channel the memory of Nero, Obama is golfing and goofing off. The concern and worry among civilian and military leaders and planners is expanding rapidly. The deteriorating situation on the ground throughout Iraq has accelerated far more quickly than many experts and pundits had predicted.

Obama is not the only one to blame here, but his eagerness to “end the war” in Iraq, coupled with his incredibly stupid policy of backing the so-called Arab Spring and arming rebels seeking to overthrow Bashir Assad, has fueled this unraveling in Iraq. I noticed that a few readers of NQ commented on retired General Jack Keane’s lament that the ISIS is setting up a defacto Caliphate in Iraq. Yet, it is the very same General Keane who was cheering on the rebels that were trying to depose Assad. WTF!!!

The failure here is very simple–we have been unable to define a strategic interest. Lacking such definition we have been unable to gather and apply resources required for the task. Read the rest »

Obama Loses Iraq to Al Qaeda »

There is no other way to paint the disaster that is unfolding in Iraq. Sunni Islamic extremists are on the march and have overrun the cities of Mosul and Tikrit:

Al-Qaida-inspired militants pushed deeper into Iraq’s Sunni heartland Wednesday, swiftly conquering Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit as soldiers and security forces abandoned their posts and yielded ground once controlled by U.S. forces.

The advance into former insurgent strongholds that had largely been calm before the Americans withdrew less than three years ago is spreading fear that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, struggling to hold onto power after indecisive elections, will be unable to stop the Islamic militants as they press closer to Baghdad.

Fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant militant group took control Tuesday of much of Iraq’s second-largest city, Mosul, sending an estimated half a million people fleeing from their homes. As in Tikrit, the Sunni militants were able to move in after police and military forces melted away after relatively brief clashes.

As I warned a few weeks ago, US counter terrorism officials are very worried about the ability of Maliki’s government to defend Baghdad and the foreign diplomats in the Green Zone. Read the rest »

Virginia’s Political Wake Up Call–Open Thread »

House Majority leader is toast and will soon be joining the private sector. Seems that a majority of voters in his district did not believe Eric was doing enough to rein in out of control US Government spending and confronting Obama over the flood of illegal immigrants. I don’t know enough about the district to predict one way or another whether the Tea Party challenger, Dave Brat, has a shot at winning.

This will put an end to the meme that the Tea Party is dead and gone. Read the rest »

Why Were the Bergdahl’s Given Insider Access? »

Rowan Scarborough of the Washington Times is out this morning exposing another layer of curious conduct by the Obama Administration:

The Obama administration gave the parents of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl extraordinary insider access to the military’s hunt for their son by having them take part in a series of secure video conferences with senior commanders as well as White House and State Department officials. . . .

Soon after Sgt. Bergdahl went missing in Afghanistan in June 2009, the Obama administration approved an outreach program that involved the Bergdahls traveling from their home in Hailey, Idaho, to the state’s National Guard headquarters in Boise.

There they were hooked into secure video conferences that included representatives of U.S. Central Command, which runs the war in Afghanistan, as well as with White House, State Department and intelligence officials.

Air Force Col. Timothy Marsano, Idaho’s National Guard spokesman, said the Bergdahls participated in video conferences quarterly — or perhaps as many as 20 — over the five years.

Mr. Scarborough reached out to me late last week to ask me whether this made sense. Why me? Read the rest »

One Picture Worth a Thousand Tweets »

The image below captures immediately why the Presidency of Barack Obama is in serious trouble.

Barack Hussein Obama can sternly insist that “We Leave no Prisoner of War behind” until he turns purple and sprouts angel wings out of his ass. The American people understand that he is lying. They need only look at his conduct on the evening of September 11, 2012 and how Ambassador Chris Stevens, State Department Offier Sean Smith, and CIA contractors–Glenn Doherty and Ty Woods–were abandoned on a field of battle.

Then there are the wounded veterans seeking treatment at VA hospitals. Read the rest »

Amen, Joe Scarborough »

Brilliant Joe, brilliant. You are so right.

Part of being a father is guiding one’s children to doing what’s right. As those of us with children know, our kids do not always make the right decision. But we do not compound their stupidity by lowering ourselves to their level and encouraging juvenile, selfish behavior. Scarborough’s point is so spot on. It is one thing for Bowe Bergdahl to have second thoughts about being Afghanistan and being part of that war. But when he indicated to his father that he was thinking about deserting to the Taliban, that’s where an adult needs to step up and speak truth.

On this point alone, Bowe Bergdahl’s father is a fucking moron. Read the rest »

Obama’s Iran Contra »

One of the lasting stains on the Presidency of Ronald Reagan was the harebrained scheme to give Iran weapons, such as anti-tank missiles, in exchange for releasing American citizens being held hostage in Lebanon by terrorists under the direct control of Tehran’s mullahs. That debacle, now know as Iran Contra, featured people like Admiral John Poindexter, Major/Lt. Colonel Oliver North and Bud McFarlane, who were working behind the scenes at the White House to make the deal and get hostages released. The hostages in Lebanon–e.g., Lawrence Jenco, Terry Anderson, David Jacobsen and Thomas Sutherland–were on the minds of the Reagan Administration going into the election of 1986. Reagan staffers, just like Obama’s clowns, advanced the notion that releasing Americans from the hands of terrorists would be an boon for a President in a re-election bid. The Iran Contra scheme blew up in October of 1986. It was a shameful period in our history and ended badly.

In the immediate aftermath of Iran Contra, even before the hearings had ended, efforts were underway to get U.S. policy back on track. It was Ambassador L. Paul “Jerry” Bremer who led the way in putting the meat on the bones of the policy–MAKE NO CONCESSIONS TO TERRORISTS. We would “negotiate” aka “talk,” but we would not make concessions. Ambassador Bremer, followed by Ambassador Morris “Buzz” D Busby, worked tirelessly to secure the release of U.S. hostages. But neither man gave Iran any concession. Between Jerry and Buzz, U.S. credibility on this issue was eventually restored.

Just a side-note–the Navy SEAL who commanded the Hercules Barge, which was a floating Naval Base in the Persian Gulf with the mission of intercepting and destroying Iranian gun boats and mine laying ships, reported that his men recovered a U.S. missile casing with serial number after a battle with the Iranians. The missile had been sent to Iran as part of the deal to get Americans out of Lebanon.

Obama’s deal with the Taliban is worse than Iran Contra. He has utterly destroyed a foundation of US counter terrorism policy. I am furious over the ignorance and naiveté of Barack Obama and his team of mental midgets when it comes to justifying giving up hard core terrorists to secure the release of a soldier who abandoned his post and went AWOL. Obama and team insist the Taliban are not “terrorists.” Nope, they are like a nation state. Like Iran? Read the rest »