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Obama and the Stupidity of the BORG »

Typical of an Air Force General. Meet Gen. Herbert J. “Hawk” Carlisle. He is a fucking moron. “Hawk” has been shooting his mouth off about the great effect that U.S. airpower is having in weakening ISIS.

In a speech sponsored by the Air Force Association on June 1 in Arlington, Gen. Herbert J. “Hawk” Carlisle, commander of Air Combat Command, said airmen in Florida were able to call in an air strike after finding an Islamic State “moron” talking about the jihadist group’s fighting abilities online.

“The [airmen are] combing through social media and they see some moron standing at this command,” Carlisle said, as the Air Force Times reported. “And in some social media, open forum, bragging about command and control capabilities … And these guys go, ‘Ah, we got an in.’”

After some sleuthing, not described by Carlisle, the airmen located the building and destroyed it with joint attack direct munition — more or less, smart bombs. Read the rest »

Hey Caitlyn, If You Have a Penis, You Are Still a Man »

Call me old fashioned. Bruce Jenner, a biological man, wants to be a woman. If that is what he wants, then go for it. However, enough of the politically correct bullshit. He can take hormones and get breast implants, but as long as the twigs and berries are hanging between the thighs and you are carrying XY chromosomes, you are a man.

The madness taking hold in this society, where the rights of the human equivalent of the of an obscure fish on the verge of extinction takes precedence over the rights of the majority human beings, is rampant. Gay rights? Oh, hell yes. Ubiquitous. Does not matter that the number of homosexuals in society is a small minority compared to the majority of heterosexuals. (I am not an opponent of Gay rights or homosexual marriage. Live and let live. Just stop insisting that this is normal and mainstream.)

Now we are being asked to believe that Transgender status is the new new normal. But nature is a mean, demanding bitch. She demands that the task of reproduction remains a man and woman phenomena. We have simply become more clever about using technology to substitute for the act of coitus.

But I know something quite personal about Bruce. Read the rest »

Faux NSA Hysteria »

If you listen to the Little Old Lady from South Carolina aka Lindsey Graham, we are at risk because of Rand Paul. Heavens to Betsy, he’s got the vapors. Where’s the fainting couch.

Precios Lindsey is not the only one hyperventilating over the looming doom because the Government cannot willy nilly suck up every shred of your private information. Mitch McConnell, John McCain and several of the Republican aspirants for President also fall into line in advocating massive powers for the Federal Government in snooping.

As someone who actually handled and analyzed Top Secret and Secret intelligence collected by the NSA, I am quite amused by their naive, foolish belief that the NSA could find its ass even if it was sitting on its own hands (and this requires that you believe that a bloated bureaucracy can actually have a big ass and hands to sit on).

The NSA powers that the new Republican authoritarians are advocating be restored or even expanded are dangerous to personal freedom but virtually unusable in the task of detecting and preventing terrorism. Why? Read the rest »

Killing Bin Laden–Was Abottabad a Cluster F**k?–UPDATE »

Self-delusion is a dangerous, lethal malady when it comes to matters of war and national security. That’s why I think we need to brutally honest with ourselves about the truth of finding and killing Bin Laden. The American people and the World have been sold a myth. Most appear happy to embrace and celebrate the lie.

There is one truth–Usama bin Laden is dead and was killed by US Navy SEALs. Rob O’Neil, one of the SEALs, probably got off the first shots. But bin Laden’s body subsequently was riddled with bullets from other SEALs who were part of the assault. The mangled body of bin Laden is the basic reason that photos of the aftermath will remain hidden from the public. The visual evidence is too difficult to explain away.

Legendary investigative reporter, Sy Hersh, has come in for a lot of heat for daring to challenge the myth pushed by Obama, Hollywood and a legion of pretend journalists. He had four key points: Read the rest »

Go Rand Go »

The Washington elite and the very people who thought it a dandy idea to invade Iraq and eliminate Saddam Hussein are up in arms over the prospect of Rand Paul giving America over to the hands of terrorists everywhere. How so? By letting the ironically named Patriot Act expire. Paul is correctly outraged at the broad expanse of power to invade the privacy of Americas that has been granted to the Feds by this stupid Act.

I remember a time when true Republicans railed against the consolidation of power in the hands of the Federal Government. That’s no longer the case. It is now only nuanced difference separating Republicans and Democrats. In fact, it appears that Democrats are more likely to blanche at giving the Feds total power to invade privacy in the name of capturing terrorists.

Few seem interested in dealing with the facts. The power in the hands of the NSA has done virtually nothing to thwart or weaken terrorism over the last 14 years. Read the rest »

The Delusional Reality of Climate Change »

What the hell does “climate change” really mean? The mass hysteria coalescing around this nonsense is alarming. Nature is not a steady state. It is dynamic and is the ultimate expression of change. Temperatures rise and fall. That is change. Seasons come and go. That is change. There are periods of raid and periods of drought. That too is change.

The focus of the global warming, err, climate change crowd is Man. The climate change, in their world, is man made. Man is the problem. Get rid of Man and nature is perfect. Right?

I am very much in favor of imposing laws mandating clean water, clean air and healthy food sources. But that’s not what the Climate Change crowd are about. Read the rest »

Who Is Telling the Truth About Killing Bin Laden?–UPDATE »

At least we can agree on one thing–Osama Bin Laden is dead. Kaput. But, as Sy Hersh noted in his latest article in the London Review of Books, the Obama Administration has not been truthful about the events of that night. Many are accusing Sy of being a senile old coot who is so busy shitting himself that he has lost all ability to collect basic facts.

But let’s ignore Sy for the moment and go to the three supposed first hand accounts of the demise of Bin Laden–Nicholas Schmidle, Matt Bissonette and Rob O’Neil. Too bad these guys can’t get their stories straight, especially Matt and Rob. Nicholas Schmidle’s dad is a connected Navy officer and got his son access to senior Administration officials who spoon fed him the “official” version. So Nicky is giving you the Administration spin version.

Then you have two former members of Seal Team 6–Matt Bissonette and Rob O’Neil–who each claim to have shot Bin Laden. So let’s take a look at the separate accounts and see if there is agreement or identify the discrepancies. Read the rest »

The Climate Change Bullshit of a Real Security Threat–UPDATE »

When I heard Obama’s ludicrous speech to the Coast Guard last week, where he insisted that Climate Change is the biggest national security threat we face, I was left with one thought–he’s insane.

Apparently, I am not the only one with this thought:

When the Egyptians are laughing at you, that shows what a total joke you have become. Read the rest »

Yes, Benghazi Blood is On Hillary’s Hands, She Won’t Be President »

NOTE–I wrote the following two years ago. Hillary flacks have insisted that there was nothing to this story and encouraged us to move along. But, with each passing day, new revelations and proof emerge highlighting Hillary’s lies on Benghazi. I was one of the first to write about the fact that the CIA Annex was involved in “monitoring” the movement of weapons from Libya to rebels in Syria. The ones actually moving the weapons were the Turks. But they had the help of the Saudis and the Brits. This disaster will continue to haunt Hillary and will be a key factor denying her the job she so desperately covets.

As someone who supported Hillary’s campaign for President in 2008, I am not happy to write this. I admired the woman I met in her Washington, DC Senate office when I had the chance to brief her on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the fall of 2007. But I am shocked and ashamed of her and her appalling behavior as Secretary of State, especially with respect to what she did and did not do in Libya in general, and specific handling of Benghazi. The Chairs of five separate House Committees investigating the Benghazi attack, including the prelude and postlude, issued a damning preliminary report today.

The evidence shows that Hillary lied repeatedly, to both Congress and the American people, about what she knew, about what she did and about what she failed to do. The record is shameful. She failed the diplomats and intelligence officers under her charge on 11 September 2012 and she failed the people of America.

Here are the main findings: Read the rest »

The Farce of Delta Force and Obama’s Treasure Trove of Crap »

The horde of breathless media hacks inhabiting all channels, both cable and broadcast, pushing the propaganda of the Obama Administration is truly staggering. Everybody is on the bandwagon celebrating a great victory while carefully averting their eyes to ignore the carnage underway in Ramadi.

What is wrong with this picture? Publicly acknowledging that a Top Secret military force may have committed an act of war by crossing into Syria and carrying out a military strike. Having White House and DOD officials providing elaborate, extensive back ground briefings on what “really” happened on the ground.

And then announcing the discovery of a “treasure trove of intel.” Jesus Christ!! How dumb are the people buying this crap? How treasonous are those spilling these beans? Read the rest »

A Delta Force Propaganda Assassination in Syria–Politics by Obama »

The Obama Administration, once again, is shooting its mouth off rather than being quiet about a Special Ops mission. They are touting a Special Ops mission in Eastern Syria, which reportedly was launched from Iraq, that killed a Senior Al Qaeda operative. Why is the Administration reporting this? Say nothing. Let the Syrians or the Iraqis take credit. Nope. This is all about domestic politics. In fact, I see it as more push back to try to distract attention from Sy Hersh’s bombshell piece regarding the lies about the Bin Laden hit.

Here are some salient details from the Washington Post. Please understand that they are being spoon fed by the Administration on this matter. It is all about spin:

The nighttime raid was carried out by a team of the Army’s Delta Force troops, who traveled in Black Hawk helicopters and Osprey aircraft, the official said. The soldiers came under fire as soon as they landed near a multi-story building in the town of al-Amr, southeast of the Deir al Zour, the largest city in eastern Syria, located at the edge of oil fields that the Islamic State has tapped to generate income with black-market fuel sales.

Why in the hell is Obama exposing Delta Force? Read the rest »

Amtrak Train Crash Open Thread »

I’ll leave it to Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead to make the appropriate observations on the Amtrak derailment outside of Philly last night.

Question–Was the engineer high on cocaine? Read the rest »

Black President Accuses Black Pot of Being Black »

God, I wish Obama were Jewish. He takes Chutzpah (or, as Michelle Bachman pronounces it, “CHOOTZ PUH”) to new dimensions. Shooting his mouth off at Georgetown University yesterday, Obama had the audacity to make the following observations:

Obama criticized the free-market system in America for allowing higher concentrations of wealth to exist among the rich while the bottom percentage was being left behind and receiving a smaller portion of that wealth.

“Those who are doing better and better, more skilled, more educated, – luckier – having greater advantages are withdrawing from the commons,” he said. “Kids start going to private schools, kids start working out at private clubs instead of the public parks, an anti-government ideology then disinvests from those common goods and those things that draw us together.”

That led fewer people to care about public institutions, Obama explained, leading to government cuts to important public functions – making the nation less equal. Read the rest »

The Hypocrisy of CIA Leaders »

When Valerie Plame, who was a frontline non-official cover officer working on Iraq, was exposed as a CIA intelligence officer, very few in the community had the balls to speak up in her defense. I was one of a small group in this regard.

Imagine my surprise to see the names of several former Directors and Deputy Directors of the CIA attached to a letter attacking the New York Times for publishing the true names of three undercover CIA officers. These are the prominent individuals who signed on:

Albert M. Calland, Frank Carlucci, John M. Deutch, Robert M. Gates, John Gordon, Porter Goss, Michael V. Hayden, Bob Inman, Stephen R. Kappes, Richard Kerr, John McLaughlin, John McMahon, Michael J. Morell, Leon E. Panetta, David H. Petraeus, William O. Studeman, George J. Tenet, Stansfield Turner, William H. Webster and R. James Woolsey.

David Petraeus? Seriously? No sense of irony. Here’s a guy who just got a plea deal for leaking classified information and he has the temerity to chastise the Times? Hilarious. Read the rest »

Sy Hersh Does it Again, This Time Nailing Obama on Osama »

He may be 78 years old, but he still packs a punch. Legendary Investigative Journalist, Seymour Hersh, is out with a story dismantling the fantasy of the search for and death of Osama Bin Laden that has been spun and fed by the Obama White House. You can read Sy’s piece here, at the London Review of Books.

NBC News is out tonight with independent confirmation of one of Sy’s key claims–we found out about Bin Laden from a Pakistani Intelligence Officer who walked into the Embassy and laid claim to the $25 million reward.

So much for the Zero Dark Thirty bullshit and the insistence that dogged female analysts tracking a courier, with the help of waterboarding, found out where Bin Laden was. Read the rest »

It Is Official–Jeb Bush Not Qualified to Be President »

If you held the delusional view that Jeb Bush is the “smart’ Bush, think again. While he does not have that twangy, faux-Texas accent, he still sounds like his brother. He was asked a very simple question by Fox’s Megyn Kelly, “Was the War in Iraq a Mistake?”

This dashes any hopes I had that Jeb would offer a more sane, coherent foreign policy. Nope. He is in the clutches of the same advisors who persuaded his older brother that invading Iraq was a dandy idea. Read the rest »

And the Soviets Saved the Jews »

Following up on my rant regarding the lack respect shown to Russia for the heavy lifting it did in destroying Nazi Germany, I want to focus your attention on the Holocaust. I think the view of the average American is captured in the episode of The Band of Brothers, when Easy Company stumbles upon the horror of concentration camp, Kaufering Lager IV, which was a sub-camp of Dachau. The Hollywood version shows our boys liberating the place and being showered with praise from desperate, dying prisoners.

Great story. But it did not happen. The camp was “discovered” by the 12th Armored Division, not Easy Company of the 101st. Nonetheless, it solidifies in the American mind the justification for destroying Hitler. The average American comes away from this episode believing that we fought to stop the Holocaust. But our effort in that regard was too little, too late.

Notwithstanding the persecution and murder of Jews in Western Europe, the center of the horror was in Eastern Europe and the Ukraine. Almost fifty percent of murders of the Jews in the Holocaust occurred in six camps– Read the rest »

The Disgraceful Behavior of the West Towards Russia »

Miffed at Russia for its intervention in the Ukraine, the West–the UK, France, Canada and the United States–behaved like petulant teenagers and boycotted Russia’s commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany. Shameful. Without Russia, we would probably be speaking German.

If you are a fan of movies about World War II, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that the efforts of the United States and the UK were the decisive factors. We like to trumpet our victories at El Alamein, D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge as the equivalent of heavy weight slugfests. We are great at self-delusion.

Don’t get me wrong. The sacrifices of our troops were important. The blood spilled in Europe was real. But we played a junior varsity game compared to what the Russians endured. Read the rest »

Why the HubBub over ISIS in America? »

I really don’t get it. The media, especially Fox, are hyperventilating about the supposed ISIS “terrorist” attack in Texas last week. You remember what happened? The incendiary Pam Gellar sponsored a Draw Mohammed Cartoon fest in Texas. Two jihadi wannabes showed up, apparently intent on killing them some infidels, and only succeeded in getting themselves shot dead. That’s a successful “terrorist” attack?

Jesus!! If that’s the case, I pray we have thousands more similar “successful” attacks. Hell, let’s sponsor draw Mohammed hunting outings across the country. This is better than hunting ducks. Just advertise the location in advance. Be sure to circulate the date, location and time to the Muslim Community. Then, sell a seat in the “Terrorist Blind” where aspiring hunters eager to shoot a jihadi can buy their way in. A portion of the proceeds should go into a fund for wounded vets and their families.

Then, let the fun begin. The incensed Islamic radicals will show up at the event, intent on killing those who have defamed the Prophet, and the Terrorist Hunters will have the thrill of drawing a bead on potential terrorists. Sounds like a dandy idea to me–raise money for deserving warriors, give frustrated arm-chair warriors a chance to get into the fight and send some well deserving Muslim radicals to an early meeting with Allah. Read the rest »

Why the CIA Should be Disbanded »

Time to start over. Whatever the CIA once was, good and bad, it has devolved into an incompetent, political bureaucracy. This entity is beyond reform. It needs the equivalent of a bullet to the head. Kill it.

The latest evidence of the disaster that is CIA comes courtesy of former Acting Director of CIA, Michael Morrel. He is out shilling a new book (do not waste a dime on it) and provides a confession of sorts that should enrage most Americans that a man of such incompetence would be allowed to rise to the top of an intelligence bureaucracy. What a travesty!!

Morrell’s book includes a number of jaw dropping claims:

U.S. intelligence agencies ­badly misjudged al-Qaeda’s ­ability to take advantage of political turmoil in the Middle East and regain strength across the region after Osama bin Laden was killed, according to a new book by the CIA’s former deputy director. Read the rest »