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The Damn NeoCon Fantasy »

“We Can’t Destroy ISIS Without Destroying Bashar al Assad First.”

There it is in a nutshell. And I do mean “nuts.” These guys are batshit crazy. Hof, the author of this delusional piece, is just another child lost in fantasy land.

He posits that the problems in Syria simply arose because a group of peaceful demonstrators were treated brutally by Bashir Assad’s security forces. But Hof conveniently or willfully ignores the role the Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United States played in promoting the domestic uprising. But they did not stop there. They also helped organize Sunni jihadists and started supplying them with weapons and training.

Hof, whether naive or a liar, asserts the following: Read the rest »

The Beheading Skeptics »

There are a number of buffoons around the world who are insisting that James Foley, Stephen Sotloff and David Haines were not actually beheaded. Bullshit.

It is true that the actual beheading is not shown. What you see in the video below is staged. But, if you watch till the end when the body of Foley is shown with his head perched on his back, this is not photoshopped. He was murdered afterwards and a different knife than that shown in the video was used. WARNING–VERY GRAPHIC IMAGE AT THE END.

Many of the deniers are insisting this is a CIA psyops effort designed to force a new war. Read the rest »

The Collapse of Consensus »

We have entered treacherous waters when it comes to international security because there is no longer a consensus about US interests and US responsibilities. For those over 55, you can remember fairly vividly the dominant paradigm of anti-communism and the cold war. While we fretted about the specter of a nuclear cloud on the horizon and Soviet first strikes, there was no doubt about the threat and the fundamental policies required to confront that threat.

The collapse of the Berlin Wall–an advance metaphor for the break up of the Soviet Union–in the fall of 1989 ushered in a period of uncertainty about where to focus US military and intelligence resources, but there was still a general commitment to the ideas that the US had a leadership role in the world and that we would rally to the defense of our friends.

That is no longer the case. I have watched with a combination of fascination and horror that wide variety of strategic prescriptions being advance by politicians and pundits on dealing with the threat of ISIS. It is completely fragmented, with one important exception. Read the rest »

Too Many Moving Parts, Too Many »

It is axiomatic in the planning “bidness” that a good plan is as simple as possible.  Any well done plan is set within a “universe” of assumptions concerning the situation in which the plan is viable or even needed.  For that reason there must exist among the planners a clear and valid understanding of the environment in which the plan will be executed.  I do not see that lucidity of thought in the Obama government

The various tasks assigned by a plan must be capable of accomplishment and they must not be mutually interfering, i.e., they must not block each other as they are performed.  The tasks in a plan are colloquially referred to by planners as “moving parts.” Another planning axiom holds that the more moving parts there are in a plan, the more probable is failure in execution.

Obama appears to have a mass of moving parts in his campaign plan: Read the rest »

Barack Obama Flouts International Law »

Hypocrisy and chutzpah are two sides of the same festering turd patty. And Barack Obama’s turd pancake is gargantuan. It is against international law to invade, unprovoked, another country and to fund and arm an insurgent group. But that’s exactly what Obama is proposing, in public, to do.

If you are going to engage in such activity then you do it using both clandestine and covert methods. The “clandestine” part means that the true sponsor of the activity is concealed. The “covert” part means that the activity itself is kept from the knowledge of the public.

Obama has stepped in it big time and has been rebuffed by both Germany and Great Britain. When you make a public announcement, as Obama did last night, you make it very difficult for Germany, Great Britain and others to pledge public support. This is one more example of the incompetence of Obama and his team.

Apart from creating barriers to our allies, Obama also is giving cover and ammunition to the Russians. Read the rest »

Obama’s Ignorant and Dangerous National Security Policies–UPDATE »

Just when you thought President Obama had plumbed the depths of stupidity, he surprises us by plunging into a new chasm as he takes America back to war with Islamic extremists. Having witnessed first hand the weakness and fecklessness of Jimmy Carter, I am in a position to recognize world class incompetence. And on that count, Obama is a Champ.

If you are the coach of a basketball team and are getting ready to play a game, do you announce your defensive strategy (e.g., we will only play zone) and your offensive strategy (we will only shoot three-pointers)? No. Yet, that’s exactly what Obama is going to do tonight. He will tell our enemies too many specifics about what we will do and will not do. How does this differ from basketball? Obama’s flapping gums will cost the lives of military and intelligence personnel in the field. That’s borderline treason.

Next is the treat of watching Obama’s hypocrisy with respect to the principle of carrying out military operations in another country without the permission of that state. Obama and his team have been pretty strident verbally in decrying the actions, real and perceived, by Vladimir Putin and Russia in the Ukraine. We are “OUTRAGED” by Russian support to Ukrainian rebels who are seeking to oust the legitimate government of Ukraine. Yet, Obama now wants to step up arming Syrian rebels seeking to oust the legitimate Government of Bashir Assad and he wants to launch bombing strikes against ISIS/ISIL targets inside Syria. This is nuclear level hypocrisy.

Finally, there is the Curtis LeMay fallacy. Read the rest »

The Lynching of Ray Rice »

I realize many of you ladies many not give a hoot about football. However, I do believe you take a dim view on having a big guy punch a women. I suspect many of you are against anyone punching anyone but that’s another subject. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you have seen some snippet of the tape of Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Lewis, punching his then girlfriend, now wife, in the puss.

This is none of our damn business. Ray Rice is an asshole for hitting his wife. However, she was not without fault in this incident. But this happened in February for Christ’s sake. He and the women he punched got married and he was put into a program for anger management.

I am sick and tired of the sanctimonious busy bodies that populate journalism and the media. Ray Rice did a bad thing, admitted it and was going about the process of trying to deal with the problem. He has the support of his wife. It would be a different matter if she had not married him and was claiming he hit her every day. But that’s not the case.

This man has just experienced a media lynching. Read the rest »

General Scales is Wrong about General McChrystal and ISIS »

Let me state at the outset that I think Bob Scales, a retired Army major general and former commandant of the U.S. Army War College, is a good, honorable man. But he is wrong in his latest analysis suggesting that another recently retired Army General, Stanley McChrystal, is a “prophet.” Another full disclosure re Stan McChrystal–I am a big fan. He does not know me, but I did work with him indirectly during his entire tenure with the Special Ops community. He and I passed each other at his base in Balad in May of 2006–he was headed to the JOC and I was searching for the latrine. We nodded gravely at each other.

I agree with General Scales that McChrystal is a genuine visionary who transformed the Special Operations community and its approach to terrorism. But the SOF approach will not defeat ISIS.

Let’s fist consider General Scales’ position on the matter:

Enter a new prophet, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former head of the U.S. Special Operations Command. Over the past 20 years, McChrystal and his teams have developed another uniquely American method of war by substituting skill, information and precision for mass, maneuver and weight of shell. We first watched the McChrystal method at work in Afghanistan following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when small Special Forces units and the Afghan Northern Alliance teamed to destroy the Taliban using precision strikes delivered from aircraft high overhead.

But the secret of this new method is in people, not technology. McChrystal’s success proves that small units of superbly selected, trained, educated, led and bonded soldiers can kill much larger aggregations of enemy while holding the deaths of friendly forces and innocent civilians to a minimum. . . . Read the rest »

Benghazi and the Stand Down Order »

Kudos to Fox, especially reporter Adam Housley, who unearthed the three CIA contractors that have now gone public about what happened when the attack commenced on the US diplomatic facility on 11 September 2012 that housed Ambassador Chris Stevens. They were at the CIA base aka “The Annex” and were ready within minutes to go to the rescue. But the senior CIA officer in charge of the “Base” (known commonly within intelligence circles as “The Chief of Base”) ordered them to stand down.

Here’s the key piece of video:

The Chief of Base most likely was on the phone communicating with the Chief of Station in Tripoli, who in turn, was talking with CIA Watch that handles overseas operations. During the first 20 minutes of the attack it is highly unlikely that the CIA Director was directly involved in any of the decision making.

And, what were the issues that shaped COB “Bob’s” reluctance to respond to the pleas for help from US Diplomat and his Diplomatic Security personnel? Read the rest »

Paris on High Alert, But Baghdad the Target »

Something is going on in Paris, at least last night. Police were out in massive numbers surrounding the US Embassy and the British Embassy. No public warning was issued, however.

I happened to be walking with the wife along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées on the Champs Elysee last night heading towards Place de La Concorde. Couple of blocks west of Place de la Concorde we ran into a gauntlet of police. Vehicles parked bumper to bumper. Officers kitted out, some with body armor and automatic weapons.

But the real concern is with the Americans still in Baghdad. The first tell was Obama finally authorizing the deployment last week of an additional 350 troops to the Green Zone. The threat from ISIS is not abating. Chatter is hot and heavy about something happening on the anniversary of 11 September. Read the rest »

Auschwitz-Birkenau, The Vatican of Death »

Yes! The Vatican of death. How else to capture in words the essence of Konzentrationslagers (KL) Auschwitz I, II and III. Planted on the southwestern edge of the small Polish city, Oswiecim, the Auschwitz complex is the anti-matter of the Vatican. If there is a place that can appropriately represent the hope of eternal life and boundless love, then Auschwitz is the place representing the epitome of murder and hatred.

If you have never visited Rome or walked in awe into St. Peter’s Basilica, you do not understand or appreciate my point of reference. Even if you are not a Catholic or even a Christian, you are caught up in the tangible feel of history. The centuries weigh heavy. The art drowns the senses. As you walk thru ornately adorned hallways, colors explode from the walls. Three dimensional paintings, sculptures and tapestries testify to a love for and fear of God. Angels, saints and cherubs clamor for your heart and direct your eyes to the heavens.

Amid the beauty and pageantry you are surrounded by those bearing the curse of Babel. The languages of the world are present and living. The hallways and chapels of the Vatican complex are echo chambers for prayers and praise uttered in Italian, Polish, English, Korean, Mandarin and on and on. Nations united in Christ are present.

Now, imagine the opposite of what I have described with one exception. Auschwitz, too, is filled with the voices and faces of people from around the world, but their prayers do not spring from hope. What do you call anguish that strangles the soul? Auschwitz! Read the rest »

The Next Terrorist Attack, Coming From Europe »

I am in Europe on business, traveling in Germany and Austria. The number of conservative Muslims is jarring and shocking. At times, I felt I was strolling the streets of Cairo rather than sauntering down a boulevard in Munich. Here are a couple of shots of two different women in Munich:

I have traveled regularly in Germany since 1995. What I am seeing today is unprecedented. Read the rest »

From No Drama to No Clue, Obama is the Real Slim Shady »

Once touted as the ultimate cool customer, Barack “No Drama” Obama has unmasked himself. Not only is he devoid of anything approaching cool, calm decision making, turns out he is a nitwit. His comment re ISIS apparently came like a sharp kick to the testicles to many in the media–i.e., we don’t have a strategy:

The neocon haven at the Washington Post Editorial Page is in an uproar:

But while the White House went into damage-control mode, emphasizing that it was a reference to the lack of decisions about increasing military action in Iraq and/or Syria and not a lack of a broader strategy there, the damage was already done.

As with all gaffes, the worst ones are the ones that confirm people’s preexisting suspicions or fit into an easy narrative. That’s why “47 percent” stung Mitt Romney so much, and it’s why “don’t have a strategy” hurts Obama today.

Maybe the fault of global warming. Is that why Obama is melting like the Wicked Witch of the West doused with vodka? Read the rest »

A Visit to Dachau »

Dachau was the first concentration camp in Germany. It was the model for subsequent camps in Germany–Buchenwald, Ravensbruck, Bergen Belsen, Malthausen.

My first time. The camp is a mere ten minute drive on a bus from the Dachau Banhapthof (train station). It sits in the northeast corner of Dachau.

This is the entrance to the camp. If you could turn and look behind me you would see what once was an SS training facility. The US took it over as and made it into a US military base as a spoil of victory in World War II. Even today, you do not hear birds. There is an unearthly quite shrouding the camp. Read the rest »

Obama Remains a Moron When it Comes to Using the Military »

Just because a blind squirrel stumbles over a nut does not mean that the squirrel is an expert nut hunter. Similarly, just because Obama eventually was pushed to greenlight the mission to take out Osama Bin Laden does not mean he is von Clauswitz. His inexperience and ignorance with respect to military operations and strategy is becoming clearer with each passing day.

Now we have this news courtesy of Josh Rogin and Eli Lake at the Daily Beast:

President Obama wants to decide by the end of the week whether or not his war in Iraq against the Islamic State will expand to the group’s haven in eastern Syria. But nearly everything about the potential military campaign is still in flux, administration officials tell The Daily Beast—from the goals of the effort to the intelligence needed to carry it out. Read the rest »

Obama Putting While ISIS Beheads »

The murder of James Wright Foley by an ISIS operator electrified the internet. If you have not seen the video, you can find it here, at LiveLeak. This is a horrific image. I only recommend watching it for one reason–to appreciate the evil of what we are fighting.

I listen in amazement to the media justifying why they won’t show the image. Well, you can use the same excuse to not show images of the Nazi Holocaust. It is important, in my mind, that people be exposed to the harsh, ugly reality. Averting our eyes and covering our ears is the road to ignorance.

Read the rest »

The New War in Iraq »

Sorry for my absence. I’m in Europe working, not playing. Fascinating perspective from here. I am free of the babble from Fox, MSNBC and CNN. Instead, I’m getting a daily dose of CNN International, which is quite good. The messages are clear and disturbing–Barack Obama is totally disconnected, ISIS is a growing menace and Europe is forging ahead on its own.

The reaction here to ISIS is eye opening. When you have France and the Pope calling for concerted military action against ISIS/ISIL then you know you have jumped the shark. We are in new territory. Oddly, Obama cannot figure out how serious the threat is from ISIS/ISIL. If you listen to his Secretary of Defense then the picture is pretty dire. If you watch Obama then you see a guy obsessed with golf, goofing off and acting like a clueless teenager. Does not inspire confidence that we have a leader in charge of anything.

The golf criticism of Obama entered a dramatic new phase today with the blistering, mocking piece unleashed by Maureen Dowd. Read the rest »

Premature Celebration In Iraq »

Barack Obama, with help from the media, is having his “Mission Accomplished” moment with respect to ISIS and Iraq. The headline? Iraq retakes dam at Mosul. Really? Just explain to me how aerial bombardment works on ISIS fighters holding a fixed position like the dam. Remember, if the dam breaks then the Tigris valley will be flooded with a 60 foot wall of water. If that’s the case, how do you drop bombs from a B1 Bomber on a dam without breaching the dam.

Something does not add up. In addition, whatever level of fanaticism exhibited by ISIS up to this point, we are now supposed to believe that they refused to die in place defending the dam to the end. The part of the story not being told is the role being played by US special ops and special forces in helping organize and direct Iraqi fighters. Our boys are essential to the success of any air strike. Laser designators can do real damage to entrenched troops, even ISIS fanatics.

The rest of the world appears to have be roused from their slumber and are taking the ISIS threat quite seriously. What has received little coverage or analysis in this country is the role that Iran played in ousting Maliki. Read the rest »

Why Did Robin Williams Ignore His Own Movies? »

One of the other sad ironies of Robin Williams decision to choose the chicken shit way out of life is the messages he brought to the public thru his immense body of work as an actor. Some of his best work dealt with suicide and death in a memorable fashion–Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society and What Dreams May Come.

The latter is especially poignant and troubling. Williams plays a character who dies and then, in the afterlife, struggles to reconnect with and save his wife who had committed suicide. Suicides, per the movie, suffer an unimaginable horror in the afterlife. And Williams, because of his passion for his wife, is willing to surrender his very existence in order to save her.

Robin, what the hell were you thinking? Here’s a key passage of dialogue from the movie: Read the rest »

Most of the Republicans and Democrats Still Getting it Wrong on Syria and Iraq »

It is maddening. Did not matter what channel I watched this morning, you could find a Republican or Democrat or pundit saying that we missed our chance to stop ISIS by not funding Syrian rebels back in 2012. That is pure madness and fantasy. This fantasy view is predicated on the narrative that Syira’s Bashir Assad was killing demonstrators. Really? That justifies intervention? Then when are we going to send the goddamn Army to Ferguson, Missouri?

Bashir Assad became a target of Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who were backing what they considered a “moderate” wing of the Muslim Brothers, in order to clip the growing power of Iran in the Middle East. What we have learned in recent weeks is that Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Anne Marie Slaughter and Samantha Power were the proponents in the Obama Administration backing this crazy policy. Obama, the Rooster Soup President (ever hear the expression, “Weak as Rooster Soup?), adopted a passive aggressive strategy. He initially backed it until late August of 2012 when he and his campaign advisors became worried that the growing strength of Islamic radicals among the Syrian rebels would derail his campaign theme–Al Qaeda is on the Run.

We also are being subjected to the Maliki Malady explanation. What utter horseshit! Read the rest »