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CIA’s Newest Replacement of the Replacement »

Word last week was that a lady at CIA had been selected to replace outgoing Chief of the National Clandestine Service, Mr. Frank Archibald. The lady, who remains nameless in these pages because she is undercover, was totally inappropriate and unqualified. Let’s ignore her reputation for sleeping with foreign “developmentals” (i.e., screwing guys she wanted to recruit as spies). Let’s ignore her poor judgment in putting a description of some of those liaisons in her ops cables back to headquarters. Let’s ignore the fact that she basically fabricated having recruited a senior government official of a large Asian nation when all she really had was a low level college puke.

Here real problem was that she played a leadership role in the torture and illegal detention of suspected terrorists in the aftermath of 9-11. Forget the questions surrounding the morality and legality. Set those concerns aside. Just read the report released last fall by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The really damning part of that report is the litany of incompetence that is detailed. For example, the person put in charge of the first prison in Afghanistan for housing and interrogating suspected Al Qaeda members was an inexperienced, first tour officer. Instead of demanding the best, the CIA leadership sent a clown who ended up murdering an innocent man. That example is not atypical. The Feinstein report is a litany of incompetence. And it was a bimbo directly involved in the planning and execution of that mess that Brennan and the White House wanted to put in charge of running overseas collection of human intelligence.

Word of this leaked to members of Congress and the White House was put on notice that moving forward with this woman was a non-starter. Which brings us to “Spider.” Read the rest »

The Lynching of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling »

A grave injustice was done this week as the CIA and the Obama Administration are out of control in their bid to scapegoat one-time CIA Case Officer, Jeffrey Sterling. Jeff Stein has the story:

“… the government failed to produce any proof that Sterling talked with Risen about the Iran operation, Lang and other close observers of his trial have noted. Prosecutors could show only that Risen and Sterling, an African-American, talked and traded emails after an appeals court rejected a race discrimination suit by Sterling against the CIA in 2005.

As Edward MacMahon, Sterling’s defense attorney, said in court, “You’re not going to see an email [relaying information to Risen]. You’re not going to hear a phone call. It doesn’t exist.” He added, “What we really have is a cloud that needs to be lifted off Mr. Sterling.”

On Monday the Justice Department hailed the conviction of Sterling, who worked in clandestine operations beginning in the 1990s, as “a just and appropriate outcome.” Read the rest »

CIA and the Vagina Monologues? UPDATE »

The “unexpected” retirement of the CIA’s Director of the National Clandestine Service, one Mr. Frank Archibald, has unleashed a flood of water cooler gossip about his replacement. It’s a woman.

When the plumbing of a person is your primary concern/qualification for getting a job (or the color of your skin) then you are on the road to failure. There are terrific case officers at CIA who also happen to be women. The concern I am hearing from friends is that the person selected by President Valerie Jarret, is not one of those.

Yes, I know her name but it is not public. Any bets on how long the Administration protects this secret? Read the rest »

The Bullshit of “Deflategate” »

Our country is filled with fucking morons. Unreal. The Saudi King is dead, the Islamic State has attacked Saudi Arabia, Iranian backed rebels have ousted the President of Yemen and more than 1000 folks near New York are homeless following a massive fire. And what is the media focused on? A mere .5 pounds per square inch of pressure in 11 footballs used in the first half by the New England Patriots. Are you shitting me?

First, the so-called “illegal” balls were used in the first half. And what happened? New England scored 17 points–a running touchdown, a 1 yard pass for a touchdown and a field goal. Do you think it is easier kicking a 40 yards plus field goal with a soft ball? Ridiculous.

Comes half time, one of the officials checks the balls, determines they are not at the minimum 12.5 psi, and fills the balls up. And what does New England do? Instead of the measly 17 points in the first half they roll up 28 points with the properly filled balls. Hell, if I’m New England I would file a protest that someone, by deflating the balls, kept them from racking up more points.

And our media? Read the rest »

Yumping Yemeni »

You think Charles Krauthammer is a smart, knowledgeable pundit? Think again. Tonight on Bret Baier he really showed his ass. The topic? Yemen. He is so damned obsessed with Iran that he fails to recognize good news when it kicks him in the stones.

The Shia Houthis, who are backed by Iran, ousted the Sunni President. From Krauthammer’s dimwitted perspective this is a disaster. Dr. K conveniently ignores the fact that, despite much lip service from the former Yemeni leader about going after Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula aka AQAP, that the AQAP boys continue to thrive and operate. Enter the Houthis. They are Shia. AQAP views them as apostates. Hell, they are worse than the “Crusaders” (that’s us folks).

So, we have a new group of tribal Shia in charge in the Yemeni capital and that’s bad news. They are more likely to support exterminating AQAP. And that is bad news for us? Read the rest »

Hey Obama, STFU! Your SOTU Open Thread »

Rude? Yes! True? Ditto. I would rather be water boarded while fire ants are being shoved up my ass than listen to the liar that occupies the White House. Barack Obama is a danger to America, in part, because so many Americans are flat out ignorant.

Jimmy Kimmel and others hit the streets yesterday pimping men and women in the street with the premise that Martin Luther King was still alive and still speaking. Absolutely shocking the number of morons walking our streets. Second thought, no it is not. They elected the clown Obama:

I won’t be watching the dismal State of the Union tonight. I can’t stomach the grandiose prevarication. Read the rest »

Why American Sniper is a Phenomena »

Nobody saw it coming. No one. A mammoth hit for Clint Eastwood. Hollywood is pissed. America has spoken and they love themselves a sniper.

With respect to Clint Eastwood’s latest flick, count me conflicted. Clint Eastwood is one of the top five directors of all time in my book. His work is compelling and engaging.

So where’s my issue with American Sniper? We invaded a country that did nothing to us. Iraq and the Iraqi people were not involved in any way with the terrorist attacks on 9-11. Yet, Bush and Cheney, among others, used the excuse of 9-11 to justify invading Iraq. Our so-called “liberation” of the Shia Iraqis from the dominance of the Sunni minority failed to create a functioning state that protected the rights of all. Nope, we just torched off a civil war.

How would you react if a foreign power invaded America and installed a group aligned with a long time enemy as the governing power? Would you be cool with that? Or would you take up arms and fight the invader. So, I at least understand why Iraqis were trying to kill us after the invasion. Breaking into private homes and hauling men to jail in the middle of the night did not win us friends. It actually created enemies.

Here’s my problem with the Chris Kyle narrative–he was a brave, honorable SEAL, but he was on a mission akin to that carried out by a British sniper shooting American soldiers during the Revolutionary War. He was a good man sent on a mission of evil.

But, do you know why this movie is so damn popular and is pissing off the Hollywood elite? Read the rest »

Understanding the Changed Face of Terrorism »

The Obama Administration is doing something I never thought they would do–they are dismantling the U.S. Counter Terrorism policy and replacing it with politics. This dangerous, stupid move will cost American lives. Mark my words. It is difficult for the youngsters, those born after 1981, to appreciate that there was a time when the United States largely ignored terrorism. Sure, there were the Munich Olympics and some high profile aircraft hijackings, but the United States had no coherent response to terrorism until 1986.

It took events in Lebanon in 1983-84 to create the foundation of U.S. Counter Terrorism policy–the consecutive bombings of our Embassy in Beirut, the taking of US hostages and the bombing of the US Marine Barracks in Beirut. The first blow came in April 1983:

The car bomb was detonated by a suicide bomber driving a delivery van packed with about 2,000 pounds (910 kg) of explosives at approximately 1:00 pm (GMT+2) April 18, 1983. The van, originally sold in Texas, bought used and shipped to the Gulf,[1] gained access to the embassy compound and parked under the portico at the very front of the building, where it exploded. Former CIA operative Robert Baer’s account says that the van broke through an outbuilding, crashed through the lobby door and exploded there.[2] The blast collapsed the entire central facade of the horseshoe-shaped building, leaving the wreckage of balconies and offices in heaped tiers of rubble, and spewing masonry, metal and glass fragments in a wide swath. The explosion was heard throughout West Beirut and broke windows as far as a mile away. Rescue workers worked around the clock, unearthing the dead and wounded.

There was no such thing as “Diplomatic Security.” There was no program to harden embassies against terrorist attacks. And what did President Reagan do? Nothing.: Read the rest »

Comment on Radical Islam in Europe »

I was interviewed the other night by the local CBS station. Here’s what I said: Read the rest »

The Onion Will Sue Obama »

Talk about copyright infringement. I think the satirical website, THE ONION, got a major smackdown yesterday courtesy of Barack Obama and John Kerry. Some brainiac in bowels of the State Department sold the bosses on the nifty idea of ferrying the elderly crooner, James Taylor, to Paris to sing a song of contrition for the US failure to attend last week’s march against terror.

When I first saw this story hit the wires I thought that The Onion had gone viral. Nope. This was the real deal by the clowns that comprise the Obama Administration.

The pictures do not lie. Obama and Kerry are really this fucking stupid. Read the rest »

Yes, It is About Muslim Extremists »

The ignorance of the Obama Administration on the question of terrorism is appalling. They are pushing the fiction that terrorism, at least today, comes in as many flavors as Baskin Robbins ice cream. You see, according to Presidential spokesman Josh Earnest and State Department flack, Marie Harf, it is all about “Violent Extremism.” Jesus Christ!!! That is total horseshit.

It was true 25 years ago. Back in the 1980s there were a host of non-Islamic groups carrying out terrorist attacks–the PLO, the PFLP-GC, Tupac Amaru, the FMLN, Dev Sol, FARC, etc. Islamic radicals were responsible for only a small percentage of terrorist attacks. But not today.

Islamic radicals–Sunni Islamic radicals, to be precise–account for over 95% of all terrorist attacks. Read the rest »

Let’s Face It, Obama is a Total Dumb Ass »

Trivia question–apart from the assembly of world leaders marching arm-in-arm yesterday in the streets of Paris, when have we seen a similar image?

I can think of two. The funeral cortege of Mahatma Ghandi in 1948.

Then there was the crowd who gathered to commemorate John F. Kennedy: Read the rest »

The Bullshit War on Terror »

How long will we continue to delude and deceive ourselves about the so-called, “War on Terror?” We will commemorate the 14th year of this faux “war” in September and how are we doing? Have the radical Sunni Islamists who carried out the September 11, 2001 attacks been destroyed or contained? Do they pose less of a threat today than they did 14 years ago? Are more parts of the world safer and more secular?


Despite the nonsense from George W. Bush and Barack Obama, going after these Muslim terrorist targets with only military force has not forced their surrender or rendered them impotent. To the contrary. We now have the Islamic State ruling over a large swath of Syria and Iraq. Boko Haram is running amuck in Nigeria. And the Taliban, like zombies, are back from the dead and murdering school kids. Oh yeah, inspired Muslim radicals are slaughtering innocents in Paris and Australia.

When will we admit that our prescription of “kill/capture” and massive surveillance of common citizens is not only a waste of time and money; it also threatens our civil liberties and Constitutional protections. Read the rest »

Muslim Terror in Europe, I Told You So »

You may not recall, but I warned in September of 2014 of incidents like the ones unfolding in Paris. Remember my piece, The Next Terrorist Attack, Coming From Europe. Hell, Helen Keller could have seen this one coming.

I wrote:

I have traveled regularly in Germany since 1995. What I am seeing today is unprecedented.

The arrival of the conservative, fundamentalists represents a serious threat, not just to Europe but also to the United States. Once you are in Europe and have a passport from one of the EU countries, you have easy access to the United States. One may hope that the various police and intelligence services across Europe are working actively to penetrate and monitor these communities. . . . Read the rest »

Is Howard Dean Really this Damn Stupid? »

Makes one wonder about the intellectual rigor to become a physician in America after you watch the crazy yammering of Dr. Howard Dean:

Three guys yelling “allahu akbar” and that has nothing to do with Islam. Are you shitting me? Read the rest »

Will the French Wake the Hell Up? »

Paris, France is an extemist Muslim sewer. No other way to describe it. I was in Paris in September for one night. It had been 8 years since my last visit. What a night and day difference, and not for the good. The number of North African muslims has exploded. The city is dirty. Paris has allowed itself to be taken over by outsiders.

Now they are reaping the results of this foolishness. Muslim extremists murdered at least 12 Parisian journalists today:

Twelve people have been shot dead at the headquarters of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, say police.

Two masked gunmen are reported to have stormed the offices of the controversial publication, which has previously been attacked over its portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed.

They were armed with Kalashnikov rifles and are also believed to have had a rocket-propelled grenade.

Here is one of the offending images:

Read the rest »

Are Rightwing Republicans Crazy? »

What is wrong with these guys? Louie Gohmert and Ted Yoho put themselves up to take down Speaker John Boehner. How did that work out?

John Boehner was elected Tuesday to serve another two years as speaker of the House, beating back opposition from a surprisingly large group of conservatives who wanted a fresh face atop the Republican Conference.

The Ohio Republican got 216 votes out of 408 cast, while 25 dissenting Republicans voted for candidates as varied as Reps. Daniel Webster of Florida, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Louie Gohmert of Texas and Jeff Duncan of South Carolina, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Jeff Sessions of Alabama.

Here’s the deal. To get things done you have to make deals. We do not have a dictatorship. Read the rest »

Steve Scalise Must Scare the Shit Out of Democrats »

What is Louisiana Congressman, Steve Scalise? A super hero? I realize the media’s ability to build Mount Everest out of mouse turds is the only thing they do really well, but this? Seriously. What a nothing burger.

In case you’ve been buried under a mountain of mashed potatoes and stuffing, here’s the essence of the story:

The crisis surrounding Rep. Steve Scalise’s alleged speech to a white supremacist conference in 2002 has continued, even as new evidence has emerged that he merely spoke to a citizens’ group in the same building, not to the conference itself. That is because Scalise’s ties to Kenny Knight and others close to former Ku Klux Klan official David Duke have not been refuted, whether or not he spoke to Duke’s gathering.

So what? He spoke in a building where white supremacists were also meeting. What did he say? Did he call for lynching “niggers?” No. Did he call for rounding up every nappy headed “jigaboo” and loading them on a boat for a one-way trip back to Africa. No. Read the rest »

Must Read Economic Outlook for 2015 »

Falling gas prices. Wonderful!!! Terrific!!! Right?

Not so fast. From a purely selfish standpoint I welcome paying less each time I fill up the tank in my car. We (my wife, son and I) are saving at least $150 a month. Do the math. That is $1800 extra dollars in our pockets in the course of a year.

Good news for our domestic economy? Generally yes. Is this the result of Obama’s energy policies? Hell no.

But there is a damn, dangerous, dark lining to this silver cloud. The Telegraph’s International Business Editor, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, has written the piece I wish I had penned. Let’s take a peek at some of his more salient points: Read the rest »

Happy New Year »

One picture is worth more than a thousand words. Consider this my New Year’s greeting to those who visit and comment at NoQuarter.

This tells us everything we need to know about Barack Obama as a pitiful leader:

Not a word about murdered cops. Read the rest »