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The Next Terrorist Attack, Coming From Europe »

I am in Europe on business, traveling in Germany and Austria. The number of conservative Muslims is jarring and shocking. At times, I felt I was strolling the streets of Cairo rather than sauntering down a boulevard in Munich. Here are a couple of shots of two different women in Munich:

I have traveled regularly in Germany since 1995. What I am seeing today is unprecedented. Read the rest »

From No Drama to No Clue, Obama is the Real Slim Shady »

Once touted as the ultimate cool customer, Barack “No Drama” Obama has unmasked himself. Not only is he devoid of anything approaching cool, calm decision making, turns out he is a nitwit. His comment re ISIS apparently came like a sharp kick to the testicles to many in the media–i.e., we don’t have a strategy:

The neocon haven at the Washington Post Editorial Page is in an uproar:

But while the White House went into damage-control mode, emphasizing that it was a reference to the lack of decisions about increasing military action in Iraq and/or Syria and not a lack of a broader strategy there, the damage was already done.

As with all gaffes, the worst ones are the ones that confirm people’s preexisting suspicions or fit into an easy narrative. That’s why “47 percent” stung Mitt Romney so much, and it’s why “don’t have a strategy” hurts Obama today.

Maybe the fault of global warming. Is that why Obama is melting like the Wicked Witch of the West doused with vodka? Read the rest »

A Visit to Dachau »

Dachau was the first concentration camp in Germany. It was the model for subsequent camps in Germany–Buchenwald, Ravensbruck, Bergen Belsen, Malthausen.

My first time. The camp is a mere ten minute drive on a bus from the Dachau Banhapthof (train station). It sits in the northeast corner of Dachau.

This is the entrance to the camp. If you could turn and look behind me you would see what once was an SS training facility. The US took it over as and made it into a US military base as a spoil of victory in World War II. Even today, you do not hear birds. There is an unearthly quite shrouding the camp. Read the rest »

Obama Remains a Moron When it Comes to Using the Military »

Just because a blind squirrel stumbles over a nut does not mean that the squirrel is an expert nut hunter. Similarly, just because Obama eventually was pushed to greenlight the mission to take out Osama Bin Laden does not mean he is von Clauswitz. His inexperience and ignorance with respect to military operations and strategy is becoming clearer with each passing day.

Now we have this news courtesy of Josh Rogin and Eli Lake at the Daily Beast:

President Obama wants to decide by the end of the week whether or not his war in Iraq against the Islamic State will expand to the group’s haven in eastern Syria. But nearly everything about the potential military campaign is still in flux, administration officials tell The Daily Beast—from the goals of the effort to the intelligence needed to carry it out. Read the rest »

Obama Putting While ISIS Beheads »

The murder of James Wright Foley by an ISIS operator electrified the internet. If you have not seen the video, you can find it here, at LiveLeak. This is a horrific image. I only recommend watching it for one reason–to appreciate the evil of what we are fighting.

I listen in amazement to the media justifying why they won’t show the image. Well, you can use the same excuse to not show images of the Nazi Holocaust. It is important, in my mind, that people be exposed to the harsh, ugly reality. Averting our eyes and covering our ears is the road to ignorance.

Read the rest »

The New War in Iraq »

Sorry for my absence. I’m in Europe working, not playing. Fascinating perspective from here. I am free of the babble from Fox, MSNBC and CNN. Instead, I’m getting a daily dose of CNN International, which is quite good. The messages are clear and disturbing–Barack Obama is totally disconnected, ISIS is a growing menace and Europe is forging ahead on its own.

The reaction here to ISIS is eye opening. When you have France and the Pope calling for concerted military action against ISIS/ISIL then you know you have jumped the shark. We are in new territory. Oddly, Obama cannot figure out how serious the threat is from ISIS/ISIL. If you listen to his Secretary of Defense then the picture is pretty dire. If you watch Obama then you see a guy obsessed with golf, goofing off and acting like a clueless teenager. Does not inspire confidence that we have a leader in charge of anything.

The golf criticism of Obama entered a dramatic new phase today with the blistering, mocking piece unleashed by Maureen Dowd. Read the rest »

Premature Celebration In Iraq »

Barack Obama, with help from the media, is having his “Mission Accomplished” moment with respect to ISIS and Iraq. The headline? Iraq retakes dam at Mosul. Really? Just explain to me how aerial bombardment works on ISIS fighters holding a fixed position like the dam. Remember, if the dam breaks then the Tigris valley will be flooded with a 60 foot wall of water. If that’s the case, how do you drop bombs from a B1 Bomber on a dam without breaching the dam.

Something does not add up. In addition, whatever level of fanaticism exhibited by ISIS up to this point, we are now supposed to believe that they refused to die in place defending the dam to the end. The part of the story not being told is the role being played by US special ops and special forces in helping organize and direct Iraqi fighters. Our boys are essential to the success of any air strike. Laser designators can do real damage to entrenched troops, even ISIS fanatics.

The rest of the world appears to have be roused from their slumber and are taking the ISIS threat quite seriously. What has received little coverage or analysis in this country is the role that Iran played in ousting Maliki. Read the rest »

Why Did Robin Williams Ignore His Own Movies? »

One of the other sad ironies of Robin Williams decision to choose the chicken shit way out of life is the messages he brought to the public thru his immense body of work as an actor. Some of his best work dealt with suicide and death in a memorable fashion–Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society and What Dreams May Come.

The latter is especially poignant and troubling. Williams plays a character who dies and then, in the afterlife, struggles to reconnect with and save his wife who had committed suicide. Suicides, per the movie, suffer an unimaginable horror in the afterlife. And Williams, because of his passion for his wife, is willing to surrender his very existence in order to save her.

Robin, what the hell were you thinking? Here’s a key passage of dialogue from the movie: Read the rest »

Most of the Republicans and Democrats Still Getting it Wrong on Syria and Iraq »

It is maddening. Did not matter what channel I watched this morning, you could find a Republican or Democrat or pundit saying that we missed our chance to stop ISIS by not funding Syrian rebels back in 2012. That is pure madness and fantasy. This fantasy view is predicated on the narrative that Syira’s Bashir Assad was killing demonstrators. Really? That justifies intervention? Then when are we going to send the goddamn Army to Ferguson, Missouri?

Bashir Assad became a target of Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who were backing what they considered a “moderate” wing of the Muslim Brothers, in order to clip the growing power of Iran in the Middle East. What we have learned in recent weeks is that Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Anne Marie Slaughter and Samantha Power were the proponents in the Obama Administration backing this crazy policy. Obama, the Rooster Soup President (ever hear the expression, “Weak as Rooster Soup?), adopted a passive aggressive strategy. He initially backed it until late August of 2012 when he and his campaign advisors became worried that the growing strength of Islamic radicals among the Syrian rebels would derail his campaign theme–Al Qaeda is on the Run.

We also are being subjected to the Maliki Malady explanation. What utter horseshit! Read the rest »

Michael Brown Was An Asshole, But Did Not Deserve Bullets »

An ass whipping by his Daddy? Absolutely. Michael Brown was a big fucking bully. Like many 18 year olds, thinking with his dick and not his brain. The videotape of him shoving the convenience store clerk and stealing Swisher sweets. Good Christ!! Was he gay too?

Brown deserved to be arrested and punished for this minor theft. But, being a complete asshole as an 18 year old does not merit the death penalty.

After watching the douche bag Police Chief of Ferguson, it is clear why the officer shot Brown–that police force make the Keystone Kopps look like Delta Force. These guys, especially the officer who shot Brown, were not properly trained.

Unless evidence emerges that Michael Brown disarmed the Police Officer and was brandishing the weapon, vowing to shot the cop, there is only one conclusion– Read the rest »

Fascism and Murder in Ferguson, Missouri »

There is enough evidence in to fully justify Federal intervention in Ferguson, Missouri. I was born and raised in the Show Me State. Fortunately, I came from the other side of the State. This is not a matter of rushing to judgment–the facts in so far simply point to more than an over zealous police officer. The man is guilty of murder.

You don’t put six shots in an unarmed guy who is running away. Had Michael Brown remained in the car and was giving the Police Officer a beat down, then it would be a different case. But Michael Brown was running away.

It also is troubling that the town is 67% black but less than 5% of the police force is black. How the hell does a white guy get elected in a city with a super majority black population. He’s not a racially sensitive guy with great relations with the black community. If he were, he would have been at the home of the Brown family the night their son died. Read the rest »

Hug It Out, Bitch »

News is atwitter with word that Hillary and Barack are, “Going to Hug it Out.” Really?

The only question I have, Who is the Bitch? Actor Jeremy Piven put this phrase in our lexicon:

“Bitch” can be a technical term for a female dog. “Bitch” can be a sexist term to disparage a woman. And “bitch” can refer to a weak man, especially in prison, who is getting the Ned Beatty treatment from Deliverance.

So, I ask again? Who is the Bitch? Read the rest »

Is Hillary Clinton Crazy? »

A truly stunning and clueless interview performance by Hillary Clinton, who recently sat down and told the “truth” to Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg. The key passage was her comment on Syria:

Well, his former secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton, isn’t buying it. In an interview with me earlier this week, she used her sharpest language yet to describe the “failure” that resulted from the decision to keep the U.S. on the sidelines during the first phase of the Syrian uprising.

“The failure to help build up a credible fighting force of the people who were the originators of the protests against Assad—there were Islamists, there were secularists, there was everything in the middle—the failure to do that left a big vacuum, which the jihadists have now filled,” Clinton said.

As she writes in her memoir of her State Department years, Hard Choices, she was an inside-the-administration advocate of doing more to help the Syrian rebellion. Now, her supporters argue, her position has been vindicated by recent events.

Maybe Obama is not to blame for the stupidity in Egypt, Libya and Syria. Maybe it really is Hillary’s fault. Read the rest »

Fuck You, Robin Williams–UPDATE »

Stick with me here. I do have a point. Hearing that Robin Williams ended his life today left me sad and angry. Actually, mostly angry. If you had to rate the top ten comics of all time, from all countries, Williams would be in the top five. He was a man of enormous talent and ability. He was so much more than, “just” a comedian. He was a superb actor.

So, here we have a man widely idolized and respected. Worshipped even. And he’s fucking depressed? Oh, poor me, I have too much money. Oh, poor me, people want to pay money to hear me make fun of them and their society. Oh, poor me, I am regularly pitched the chance to appear in movies. Oh, poor me, I’m an accomplished actor.

Meanwhile, we watch in horror as women and children, facing extermination at the hands of radical Islamic fanatics in Iraq, scramble and beg for life. They want to live. They want some peace. And here is Robin Williams. Living with significant wealthy in a safe neighborhood and enough to eat and drink.

That why I say, without regret, Fuck You, Robin Williams.

Killing yourself is such a selfish, cunty thing to do. There is only dishonor in this act. You abandon those who depend on you for one reason or another. Read the rest »

Knowing the Enemy (And It is Not Obama) »

Bush’s idiotic invasion of Iraq in 2003 sowed the seeds for what ISIS now is. But the fault is not solely with Bush. Obama’s pursuit of the Arab Spring and his meddling in Syria, which included helping arm the Syrian rebels, have fueled the rise of ISIS.

If you have the chance, please take time to read a recent ISIS publication. You will begin to appreciate their fundamentalist mentality and sincere belief that they are doing the will of God. You can find it here.

Take a look at page 31. The ISIS editors praise John McCain in a backhanded way:

On “12 June 2014,”the crusader John Mc-Cain came to the senate floor to rant irritably about the victories the Islamic State was achieving in Iraq. He forgot that he himself participated in the invasion of Iraq that led to the blessed events unfolding today by Allah’s bounty and justice. McCain had this to say:

Did you catch it? Read the rest »

Obama Does a Nero and Heads for Vacation, World Burns »

Rome is not burning. It is worse than that. ISIS aka the Islamic State is a bona fide Army and is poised to slaughter Kurds, Iraqis and Americans. And what is Obama doing? Ordering up weak ass air strikes that will do little to change the tactical and strategic situation on the ground. Meanwhile, Russia looks like it will move against Ukraine (I would if I were Putin) and the Israelis and Hamas are back to slugging it out, with more Palestinian bodies piling up. Yep, time to go on vacation.

It is fascinating listening to the various news readers glibly tout the FA-18 strikes and the laser guided bombs. What the average viewer does not understand is that it is not the jet with the laser guiding the bomb. Nope. That phrase means that someone is on the ground with a laser lighting up the target. The tactics are described in detail by Dalton Fury, a now retired Delta Force Operator, in the book,
Kill Bin Laden: A Delta Force Commander’s Account of the Hunt for the World’s Most Wanted Man.

What does this mean? Obama and his spokesman, Josh Earnest, are lying their asses off–we do have boots on the ground. If we did not we could not be helping fighter jets flying at over 400 miles per hour knock out artillery and mortar pieces on the ground.

But that’s not where Obama’s lies stop. Read the rest »

Obama’s New Iraq Nears Collapse and Slaughter UPDATE »

I don’t think you’ll be hearing much from Barack Obama in the coming days about how he brought an end to the US role in the war in Iraq. Sort of tough to sell that spin when the television is filled with images of dead children, raped women, headless men and desecrated Christian churches and shrines. That’s Obama’s new Iraq.

Yes, Obama owns this disaster; at least a part. His idiotic policy of backing and encouraging the so-called Arab spring and destabilization of the Syrian Government of Bashir Assad helped birth and empower ISIS. It is ISIS that is rampaging across Iraq–north, west and south. ISIS now controls major dams across Iraq and is in a position, should it choose, to unleash massive floods on key population centers.

And what is Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama doing about it? Nothing so far. Considering options. That’s not only a non-starter, there is a growing risk of the United States being perceived as weak and feckless. In other words, reflecting the pathos that is Barack Obama. Read the rest »

Israel and Hamas, The Stupidity Factor is Great »

Flipping between channels–Fox, CNN, MSNBC, BBC and Al Jazeera–it was impossible to escape mass stupidity. I had two favorite moments. The first involved the nitwit Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer. What a chucklehead he is. Dremer is the same guy who came up with this jewel a month ago:

Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, in a Big Lie of his own, said last month at a conference of Christians United for Israel that the Israeli army should be given the “Nobel Peace Prize … a Nobel Peace Prize for fighting with unimaginable restraint.”

He showed up on today CNN and was being interviewed on the news that Israel had bombed another UN School:

an Israeli Air Force missile struck near the entrance of a United Nations school sheltering displaced Palestinians in Rafah, killing 10 people and wounding 35 others and drawing a new round of international condemnation. . . . Read the rest »

Israel, Not Hamas, Started the Latest War in Gaza »

If you think the current Israeli invasion of Gaza is a response to the discovery of the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers in late June, think again. Israel’s invasion was a pre-planned action and, if you simply go back and examine the news reports since April, you will realize that the missing teens became a convenient, tragic symbol that Israel disgracefully used as a pre-text for trying to destroy Hamas. Let me walk you thru some of the relevant press clippings.

Let’s start on 25 April 2014 with an article by John Lyons of the Australian entitled, Fatah, Hamas Unity Hurts:

After a bitter seven-year split, Fatah, which governs the West Bank, and Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, announced yesterday that they had agreed on ­reunification.

The US expressed “disappointment” and Israel reacted angrily, immediately cancelling a round of peace talks with the Palestinians. . . .

Periodically, Hamas fires rockets from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel. However, more often than not the rockets are fired by Islamic Jihad or one of the five Salafist groups who do not acknowledge Hamas’s right to rule Gaza. Read the rest »

Kill the Palestinians? How About Genocide? »

Think I’m kidding about the Nazi mentality among some Israelis? It is not an anti-semitic fantasy. It is a sick, sad reality. I am reproducing a Blog posted by Yochana Gordon in the Times of Israel. As a hopeful sign that not all Israelis are batshit crazy, the blog was pulled by the editors at the Times of Israel.

This is not an isolated incident Pat Lang has personally witnessed the misconduct of Israeli soldiers. He wrote:

In Beit Suhur outside Bethlehem, I have seen IDF troops shoot at Palestinian Christian women hanging out laundry in their gardens. This was done with tank coaxial machine guns from within a bermed up dirt fort a couple of hundred yards away, and evidently just for the fun of it. In Bethlehem a lieutenant told me that he would have had his men shoot me in the street during a demonstration that I happened to get caught in, but that he had not because he thought I might not be a Palestinian and that if I were not the incident would have caused him some trouble. I have seen a lot of things like that. One might say that in war, s–t happens. That is true, but such behavior is indicative of an army that is not well disciplined and not a completely reliably instrument of state policy. In my travels in the west Bank in March of 2008, it was noticeable that the behavior towards Palestinian civilians of IDF troops at roadblocks was reminiscent of that of any group of post-adolescents given guns and allowed to bully the helpless in order to look tough for each other. I think the IDF would be well advised to grow some real sergeants.

All in all, I think the IDF ground forces can best be described as specialized tools that reflect 20th century Zionist socialist and nationalist ideals, and which have military traditions that are in no way reflective of those of the United States. They can also be justly said to have been been fortunate in their enemies. The Jordanians gave them a run for their money in 1948-49. Hizbullah delivered a hint of the inherent limits in such a socio-military system in 2006 and now we are seeing whatever it is that we will see at Gaza. pl

Sadly, the Israeli Army is neither professional nor disciplined. There are many in the Israeli Army that share the sentiment of Yochanan Gordon. Read the rest »